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Facebook Remarketing: What it is and how to do it

Before getting started with your first Facebook Remarketing campaign, let’s start from the foundations. What’s Remarketing? Do you sometimes feel that the Internet is spying on you? For example, when you are about to buy a product online and in the end you decide not...

Mention other LinkedIn pages when you plan from Metricool

Apart from mentioning other Facebook pages and Twitter and Instagram accounts… Now you can mention other LinkedIn pages on you posts programmed from Metricool’s planner. Keep reading and I will explain how you do it... How to mention other LinkedIn pages from our...

Google Local Guides. Everything you need to know

With the boom of local searches on the Internet and the increase of Google My Business listings, Google partially lost control of what was and wasn’t being published on Google Maps. From here came the idea of creating a kind of power users and moderators called:...

Create your Google Ads account from Metricool

You might know by now that we are very interested in online advertising at Metricool and we keep including new features related to advertising in the Internet to make your life easier. I am here today to tell you that now you can...

Online advertising with Metricool: All its features

Are you developing an online ad strategy for your company? If you are already underway or about to start with these types of actions in your digital marketing strategy, you might have already realized that it’s not an easy task and also, apart from creating ad...

Manage your Google My Business Reviews from Metricool

One of the most important factors of Google My Business are the reviews that users make about companies.These comments are very beneficial for companies for several reasons: They increase customers’ trustThey increase the number of searches about a brandThey improve...

Mention other Facebook Pages from Metricool Planner

We’ve great news! 🙌🏻 As you’ve requested, now you can mention other Facebook pages on your publications that are planned from Metricool, the same way as you are doing it on Instagram and Twitter now. How to mention other Facebook Pages The process of mentioning other...

How to contact Google My Business

Reaching out to Google My Business team is quite easy and they normally answer fairly quickly. Besides, Google My Business has a help forum where you can find multiple issues and their solutions. Click here to access GMB community forum Let’s get down to business......

SMMW 2020: TOP Speakers Ranking

This year we are sponsors of Social Media Marketing World that is held in San Diego, California. An international digital and social media marketing event and the perfect place to learn the new trends, what is yet to come and meet people from the industry. As a...

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