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Types of Instagram profiles: Personal, Business and Creator

Instagram offers three types of accounts. Except the personal profile, the other two provide valuable analytics and detailed metrics. Let’s review the differences: Instagram has closed the API for personal profiles. This means that it's not possible to connect these...

How to improve engagement on Instagram

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks, therefore it’s the platform with a wider diffusion that you can use to your advantage to maximize results and reach your goals. Along this article you will find several valuable tips to boost your engagement on...

Elegant Themes: The best themes for WordPress

Does Divi sound familiar? Divi is a visual builder for web pages used worldwide. In this article, we’ll tell you everything about this tool and the platform behind it so you can get a sound knowledge about both. Divi is one of the WordPress themes from Elegant Themes....

Digital Marketing tools

Probably it’s not the first time that you search for digital marketing tools that can help your strategy and tackle your daily tasks to become more productive and effective. However, there is a wide variety of tools focused on digital marketing that makes difficult to...

How to add line breaks on Instagram

How many times have you done and redone a post on Instagram because the spaces between paragraphs didn’t look right? Sometimes with a space, sometimes without or even with two periods together. For reasons that we don’t quite understand, Instagram doesn’t usually...

Facebook segmentation: How to target your audience properly

What’s Facebook Ads Segmentation? When you start creating Facebook ads, one of the steps is to target your audience, something that is not often understood and done properly, so the ad doesn’t perform as expected and its impact is diminished. This is why I am here...

How to get the most out of Instagram Ads

Social Networks are the most popular platforms in the Internet, so advertising through these channels drives a lot of traffic and increases conversions. Therefore, if you are thinking about start advertising on Instagram to reinforce your marketing strategy, you will...

How much does advertising on Google Ads cost and how much money should we invest in each campaign?

These are the questions that businesses ask themselves: How much do ad campaigns cost on Google ads? How much money should we invest to get results? Is it worth it to advertise on Google? To all these questions, there is not an absolute answer. The reply is: “It...

Social Media Marketing World 2020: Social Media Impact

Social Media Marketing World is the biggest marketing conference, organized and hosted by Social Media Examiner. This marketing event is very popular, with influencers from around the world flying in to listen to some of the most knowledgeable experts in the field and...

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