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We have good news… Now with Metricool you can create ad campaigns on Google Ads and Facebook Ads. Create ✅ Manage ✅ Analyze ✅

What’s Facebook 360

WIth Facebook 360 you can upload 360 or panoramic photos depending on what you prefer. How does this Facebook feature work? Learn how to use it here.

Influencers marketing

Discover everything about influencer marketing: where to start, how to do it, what it consists of… All here!

Twitter Marketing

Twitter is a global social network and it will help you to unleash the potential of your brand or business. You will find in this article a comprehensive guide about how to carry out your Twitter marketing and achieve the goals you have set on this platform.

6 PPC Copywriting Errors You Shouldn’t Be Making

Copywriting can feel low stakes. Generally, the person completing the copy isn’t the person responsible for the success of a campaign. But the copywriter’s main goal is to get the job done as quickly as possible. This is an incorrect attitude for normal copywriting, a field in which there is a huge amount of nuance and skill and success can be dependent on, or at least hugely impacted by the quality of copy. However, it is an even more critical error in PPC copywriting, where the nature of the copy has to be perfect or the campaign could be fruitless or way too expensive. So, let’s take a look at the six PPC copywriting mistakes that it’s vital you avoid making.

Marketing Youtube: How to apply your Marketing Techniques on this channel

Take your first steps on YouTube without hesitation. Follow this guide to carry out your YouTube marketing strategy step by step.

Digital Marketing Definitions

Welcome to the most complete Marketing Dictionary 👋🏼 Here you have all the digital marketing definitions you have to know. See definitions…

What’s YouTube and how to use it?

YouTube is the quintessential video-sharing platform and one of the main entertainment sources available on the market.

Marketing on LinkedIn

Create your LinkedIn Marketing Strategy step by step and launch your brand on the most important professional social network at the moment. DISCOVER HOW.

Metricool Blog

Your blog about social media, advertising and analytics

What do you want to learn today?

In this blog you will find updated guides about social media and all the information about how to create successful ad campaigns. Keep yourself up to date with the latest studies about the industry, data analysis, social networks and online advertising.


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