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What hosting on Twitch is and how to do it

Hosting on Twitch has become one of the common forms of collaboration between streamers, where streamers with large numbers of subscribers and viewers help smaller channels. So, how can you host on Twitch? In a simple explanation, it consists of hosting another...

How to get started on YouTube

You have finally decided to bet on multimedia content on YouTube for your company or personal brand. However, you don’t know how to get started on YouTube. ➡️ Every day, users watch about a billion hours of YouTube videos (Oberlo) ⬅️ If your goal is to bring content...

How to download a video on Instagram

Videos on your feed, IGTV or stories. Learn with this GUIDE how to download a video step by step…

What mid-tier influencers are

Mid-tier influencers are those who have a community of 50,000 to 250,000 followers on Instagram and 10,000 to 1,000,000 subscribers on the YouTube video platform. These influencers have a somewhat smaller community than more popular influencers. However, they connect...

How to manage Google My Business with Metricool

Google My Business, since the closure of Google+, has become a physical location listing and also a social network. Comment management, post creation, replying to reviews, updating photos etc. Managing Google My Business is an extra task, as if it were another great...

9 ways to generate app downloads through social media

There are many ways you can boost your mobile app or game downloads: working on App Store Optimization, through User Acquisition, with App Content Marketing… and much more! Today, we will focus on one specific way to get more downloads: by marketing your app on social...

How to grow on Instagram 2020: Strategies to grow your brand

You don’t need more followers. You need more people interested in your products or services.  Closing sales or gaining new clients does not depend on the number of followers. There are small communities that sell more than accounts with 10K followers.  And...

Instagram Contests

Tricks to succeed with your contests on Instagram You have just ventured into your Instagram account and would like to start conducting contests and giveaways to increase your number of “likes” and followers. When carrying this type of action its very important to...

Instagram Ads: Express mega guide to advertising on Instagram

Instagram: Ads and publicity for businesses When we talk about Instagram, we have to think that we are making value judgements about a network that has more than 600 million active users every month… This more or less equates to filling 6,000 stadiums with people. Can...

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