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Instagram Story Highlights

Before we start explaining what Instagram story highlights are, we should first review what an Instagram story is... Instagram Stories Definition  Instagram Stories are short publications that don’t last more than 24 hours on your Instagram profile. These...

10 Productivity Tools to Improve Content Marketing

The concept of content marketing is really complex. It encompasses all types of content you publish with the intention to build awareness for your brand. It involves social media posts, blog articles, guest posts and articles for directories, webinars, videos, eBooks,...

LinkedIn Analytics: Analyze your account with Metricool

LinkedIn is a social network oriented to companies, employment and businesses. On this platform, each user adds their professional information and LinkedIn is in charge of putting companies and individuals in contact. Every company should be present on LinkedIn with...

Social media competitors analysis

Haven’t you analyzed your competitors yet?

Start benchmarking your social networks to improve your strategy and maximize your results.

What’s a nano influencer?

Get to know Nano Influencers. What type of influencers are they? This and other answers here.

What’s a macro influencer?

Macro influencers and influencer marketing, how does it affect your campaign? We analyze the pros and cons of working with this type of influencers.

What’s Facebook Live

How does Facebook Live work? Learn how to use it
This is a feature to broadcast in live, generate content and improve engagement.

What’s SEO, what’s it for and which advantages does it bring to your digital strategy?

Metricool will be present in the next edition of the SMMW! We will be able to learn and meet people from our professional environment…

Email Marketing: The power of emailing

Metricool will be present in the next edition of the SMMW! We will be able to learn and meet people from our professional environment…

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