How to boost your sales strategy with WhatsApp and social networks

05 August 2021

Can I integrate other channels into my sales and loyalty strategy? What are those channels? Why should you use them?

We know that today, due to global changes, companies and entrepreneurs have been forced to enter the digital world not to close their businesses or fall behind the competition. Many people couldn’t anticipate the success that this could bring for their companies in terms of sales, loyalty, brand recognition, and much more.

Here you can learn how to enhance your sales strategy with WhatsApp and social networks, based on 5 key elements:

  1. Clearly define your ideal customer
  2. In which social networks is your target audience?
  3. How to create valuable content for your audience
  4. Conversational marketing
  5. Always measure your strategy

Before explaining how to enhance your sales strategy with WhatsApp and social networks, you should consider the following:

Set your goals:

What do you want to achieve?:

To get more people to know your brand? Sell ​​more? Open new markets? … Once you choose what you want, think about the goal you need or want to achieve, for example:

  • How much have I sold through digital channels in the past?
  • What is the sales goal for a specific period?
  • What part of that goal is covered by social networks?

You can challenge yourself and focus your resources on meeting these goals.

After defining your target, you are ready:

  1. Clearly define your ideal customer:

This process is called building your “Buyer Persona”. There are many ways to do it. Here I show you one way that is easy and will allow you to have a vision of your character in various areas of their life. Define the following:

  1. Name, position within the company, age, and a fictitious photo that physically reflects the person you imagine.
  2. Who is he/she? Write a brief paragraph of 5 or 6 lines where you define who your character is. Example: “Father of two children, married. Manager of a medium-sized company and makes the most important decisions of the organization
  3. What are their general interests? Another paragraph where you describe what that person may be interested in their daily life, that is what they like. Example: “He likes cars, information about the world economy, family life and in his free time he does sports
  4. What are their needs? Describe the primary needs in their life.
  5. What are the frustrations of your Buyer Persona?
  6. Write the dreams that your character could have.
  7. Describe the reasons why he/she would relate to your brand and the reasons why he would not.
  8. Finally, rate your character’s digital affinity from 1 to 5 regarding how much he uses: computer, cell phone, social networks, and online purchases.
  1. In which social networks is your audience or target audience?

Once you have the definition of your Buyer Persona, define which social networks you use the most. This will allow you to reach your client directly, and thus, publish your content in the right place, guaranteeing the visibility of your business for your ideal client.

  1. How to create valuable content for your audience

When you are in the process of creating content, generate valuable elements for your audience: important data of the market in which they operate and tips that help them improve their processes. Also, show them what problem they solve with your product or service. For the above, keep in mind that you must use eye-catching formats, short videos of less than 30 seconds, images, and short texts but with valuable content.

  1. Conversational marketing in your strategy

Conversational marketing is a method that grows more every day for customer service and loyalty, moving sales worldwide.

What is conversational marketing?

It consists of using the conversation as a tool to generate added value to your customers and thus increase the satisfaction and loyalty of your audiences through humanized attention.

What are the advantages?

  • Empathy
  • Personalization
  • Immediacy
  • Omnichannel
  • Deep knowledge of our clients

How can I develop it?

If you want to boost your sales strategy through WhatsApp and social networks, you must combine all the previous steps with conversational marketing. Once your strategy is ready, you will have new communication channels in place for your company. The advantage of social networks such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, among others, is that they are channels that your audience has handy at all times and in all places, which breaks down all kinds of spatial and time barriers. Hibot unifies all the messages and requests that your customers make through your service channels and social networks in a single management platform.

Today people look for immediacy in service. Time is the most valuable thing we have. When you make it easy for customers to be in touch, you will be able to take advantage of your competition.

  1. Always measure your strategy

If you want to be successful, you must constantly measure the process that you carry. Thus, you will know what works and what doesn’t. With numbers and statistics, you make smart decisions with solid foundations.

Until here, we explain how to enhance your sales strategy with WhatsApp and social networks. If you already have an operation through WhatsApp, I invite you to see our article: 5 tips on how to sell more through WhatsApp, which can help you and your team optimize your attention and generate more sales.

Sara Martín Sara Martín , 05 August 2021
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