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Isabel Romero
1 April, 2021

Instagram guides can be a great way to grow your community, getting your content out to more users and creating synergies with other profiles when you add their posts.

What are Instagram guides?

Guides allow you to curate a collection of pre-published Instagram posts so viewers can enjoy a selection of content on a specific topic. You’ll find them in your feed, under an icon that looks like a map, between Posts and Reels.

If you don’t know where to start, we’ve put together a list with some examples of Instagram Guides to help make your profile a success. 

Ready to come along on the journey? 

Add useful resources depending on your content

Are Instagram Guides worth it? Well, they can be a helpful way to group your content by topics: it could be places you’ve been if you like to travel, products you sell if you have a business, or just your posts.

If you post regularly, some of your content may end up getting lost. 

With a Guide, you can curate a selection of posts on a specific topic. That way, your followers can get all your content in one tap. 

⚡️Instagram Guides examples of grouped content

RealFooding is a profile with tips on healthy eating that has created several Instagram guides.

In this case, RealFooding has created guides like “Post-Christmas food” or “Real Fooders’ Pizzas”. Here they’ve curated a selection of posts about healthy meals to get you back to good eating habits after overdoing it at Christmas.

What does this guide achieve? It gives followers easy access to the recipes on one topic from their feed, all in one place with no searching.

At Metricool, we also use Instagram style guides to share our resources and features.

The guide tells any user that is new to our profile how the platform works and how it can help them. 

Highlight products from your Instagram shop

As you know, one way to grow on Instagram is to share content in every format this social media network offers: reels in your feed, IGTV videos on Stories, Reels, etc.

One way to take advantage of Guides is to put together a selection of products from your own Instagram shop. You can do this by collection (winter, summer) or section (men’s shoes, women’s shoes). 

This gives your followers another sales channel for their purchase. Whether you have an online shop or you’re an influencer earning money by promoting products.

⚡️Instagram Guides examples of products

US clothing brand ‘Alohas’ uses Guides to highlight their on-demand products. The Instagram brand manual features various products that you can click on and buy directly if you like them or visit the product website.

A great way to use Guides to create another sales channel on Instagram and not miss out on a potential customer in an endless shuffle of redirects.

Recommend several restaurants

One of the greatest pleasures of traveling to a new country or city is trying out new places to eat, discovering the local culinary culture. 

How can you attract Instagram users to your profile? By creating a guide of recommended restaurants near your business or in your city. 

You’ll attract new followers and drive visits to your profile, while connecting with the Instagram profiles of the restaurants, which will appreciate your recommendation.

⚡️Instagram Guides examples of restaurants or locations

Cenandoconpablo (“Dining with Pablo”) is the Instagram profile of Pablo Cabezali, who has a YouTube with restaurant reviews.

In addition to his channel, he posts pics and videos on Instagram of the places he eats. What can you learn from his guides? Each of them focuses on a different type of restaurant, by region of Spain or province where the restaurant is located.

So, a follower in Galicia can go straight to the Galicia guide and see which restaurants he recommends. 

TheWorlds50Best is an Instagram account that keeps followers up to date on the latest restaurant openings all over the world. 

To help with this, they have also curated a guide with the hottest new openings last year and the world’s top 50 chefs.

An essential guide for foodies and anyone who loves to travel. 

Share tips from your sector

How many times have you saved a post on good practices and tips and then ended up losing it? 

And, vice versa, if you create fitness content, you probably get questions like “where can I find exercises to strengthen my shoulders?” all the time.

With guides, you can curate different groups of tips for your followers to use. This way, they won’t have to save each post individually and you can choose how the content is organized.

⚡️Instagram Guides examples of tips

JuanjoMarfe is a personal trainer with an Instagram profile on working out and fitness.

His Instagram style guides have a compilation of past posts on supplements, how to work out different muscles and exercise corrections. 

Very useful content from a user’s point of view, since they only have to go to the guide and find the video on the exercise they’re doing.

Thefitsolve is a health and fitness Instagram account. They have loads of content on this topic, covering both exercise and healthy eating.

The guide they’ve curated is a useful compilation of tips on dieting and supplements that will be great for anyone wanting to get started in this world.

All in one tap to get the content they want with a simple explanation in each post.

Showcase hot spots

This type of guide is useful for accounts or profiles that focus on tourism or travel agencies. This way you can showcase popular spots in a region or country in the guides, with more information to get people interested in visiting.

Like the restaurant guide, it can also feature other profiles to attract new users. For example, for a co-working space that usually attracts users from all over the world, a guide to the area can be great for new members.

⚡️Instagram Guides examples of travel or hot spots

The VisitElche profile belongs to the Tourism Department of the city of Elche. To encourage tourism and give potential visitors easy access to sites in the town, they’ve created a full guide on Instagram.

Monuments, accommodations, nature, and even kid-friendly plans to discover the city. An interesting type of guide for tourism departments, hotels, or tourist apartments.

The Culture Trip profile has lots of posts on different must-visit travel destinations.

In this case, the Winter Escapes guide is a perfect place to find inspiration: right away, the cover picture grabs your attention and, before you know it, you’ve tapped to get more content. If you have a travel or hotel account, the guides on this profile are an excellent source of inspiration.

Use Instagram guides as a blog

Setting up a blog online is simple. The hard part is maintaining it: writing long-format texts on a regular basis, the cost of the domain and server, etc.

What if you use Instagram Guides as a blog? Lots of content creators are using guides as their personal blog: this way they can add long texts, organize content by categories and add multimedia elements.

If you can’t have a blog, an Instagram guide could be a great alternative.

⚡️Instagram Guides examples of blog-style guides

Vilma Núñez is CEO of the agency Convierte Más (‘Convert more’) and, on her Instagram profile, she shares guides to marketing and sales. 

In them, she shares posts on the sector that could well be on a blog. Here, she groups them into different guides so her followers can find and read them easily. 

Highlight the best of your profile

You can use Instagram Guides to showcase your profile’s highlights. 

For example, if you have a travel account, you can highlight the best trips each month of the year. Or, if you focus on restaurants, you can showcase the best restaurants in a certain area, etc.

⚡️Instagram Guides examples of profile highlights

FoodFusionpk is an Instagram profile where you can get all sorts of recipes. The perfect place to learn how to cook, whether you’re new to the kitchen or have some experience.

The guides on this account recommend dishes you should try each month. A great way to help you choose recipes to make each season.

Here are our tips and examples of Instagram guides you can use as inspiration. 

If you need a guide to Instagram marketing, here it is:

Use them and really get your profile going with Instagram guides. A new format worth taking advantage of.

Isabel Romero


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