Analyze the reach and the impact of any hashtag in Twitter

Track and analyze any hashtag but also any topic, any keyword or any user account.

PDF reports to show how important is your event to your relevant stakeholders.

Find out what places and how long you’ve been trend in social networks.

Your all-in-1 hashtag tracking tool

Display data in real time

Analyze everything happened

Export great PDF reports

Display all data and contents in real time

Designed to display or share at your event.

Promote participation of your audience and expand the reach of your event in real time.

Know in real time who are the most active and most popular influencers.

Become trending topic, and let your audience be part of it.

Analyzes all data with all the flexibility you need

Your dashboard to understand everything that happened. The information that matters and you need in one place.

Choose the period you want to analyze and get the activity metrics that interest you.

Find languages and devices used by participants.

Now you can see locations and durations of the trending topics of your keywords. All countries and cities.

Find the most influential users and sort them by any metric or export all data to Excel to make ads campaigns.

Rankings of contents to know which tweets or images have had more impact, scope or interactions.

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Amazing PDF reports

Designed thinking about who needs to read it.

Easy-to-read, but with everything that matters.

Show your sponsors or customers the profitability of your online campaign or event.

Easy, professional, impressive.

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