Ideas for Instagram photos: Be inspired

Isabel Romero
28 May, 2020

Are you running out of ideas and need some help to find inspiration?

No sooner said than done, here you will find the source of inspiration when you can’t find new ideas.

💡 Why is it important to stand out with your photos?

In a study about Instagram statistics in 2018, the numbers speak by themselves:  95 million photos and videos are shared on Instagram per day.

So can you do to stick out? Keep reading to get new juicy ideas to thrive

Brainstorming for your Instagram photos

If  your muse has abandoned you, you can always resort to these ideas and examples from other Instagram accounts.

1. Give visibility to photos with your products

Let’s be clear: If you have an online clothing or grocery store but you don’t let your products speak for themselves, it’s going to be quite challenging to draw your followers’ attention.

With all the possibilities Instagram photo gallery offers and the availability of multiple filters to edit your photos, you should use them to your advantage. Upload photos of your products  on the feed alternating them with other types of images.


The best way to upload your products is when you show them in a specific situation or context. For instance, seeing someone eating an apple makes this fruit more appealing. An ice cream is more attractive if you see it in a waffle cone instead of packaged in its original box.

Manolo Blahnikhq (@manoloblahnikhq) shows his shoes with professional pictures and where you can see the shoes worn for a specific situation. 

Unlock your imagination to find new ideas for your Instagram photos with everyday situations where your can place your product.

You can show how useful a product can be in your images. For example, here Nutella shares tasty recipes to inspire customers and attract the audience attention.

2. Publish photos about your travels

Photos of countries, cities or any corner of the world guarantees a like. 

Everybody loves travelling and when it is not possible, travel images are very attractive. A filter to improve the photo, a striking copy or a story about that place in the world is always welcome. Your followers will wait for your stories and photos.  

Apoorva, @apytravelstories, shares a photo in an Indian temple where she is talking about its architecture style.

3. Upload photo galleries

Instagram lets you upload up to 10 images. It comes very handy when you want to talk about something specific, such as a recipe with the final result or a travel journey that you want to complement with photographs. 

In this case, we use the example of Seth @dudewithsign who uses Instagram gallery to upload photos in half. The result is a fun photo montage that you will have to swipe to discover the complete phrase. 

It’s a fun style that is not complicated at all. For instance, you can use it to show a ‘before and after’.

4. Inspire your followers

One of the most popular types of content are inspirational quotes. There is always room on Instagram for these types of phrases for a shot of energy. Words that are inspiring and everybody can see themselves reflected in. 

The account @positivemindsetdaily bets on this style. It uses a clear quote accompanied with a related photo in the background. As you can see, the photo is secondary and doesn’t prevent you from reading. 

5. Prepare photo collages

Collages on your feed are a great option because you can add several photos in the same post or explain any type of content.

If you don’t know how to create one and you don’t want to use Instagram for that, you can download one of the many apps that exists to edit your photos.

In this example, the profile of the nutritionist Rachel @collegenutritionist, opts to create collages to explain the same dish in different versions: omnivore, pescatarian, dairy free or lacto-vegetarian. 

6. Share photos of landscapes

Nature is a great source to share spectacular landscapes. 

Also, with all the editing possibilities that Instagram offers, you can play with the light and filters amongst other tools and, create authentic experiences when users see your photos.

For example, the profile @[email protected]_lik shares stunning landscape photographs and states where they were taken.

7. Upload detail photos

Close-up or detail photos also guarantee likes. However, they must have a high quality. Otherwise, it could have a negative impact on your feed.

This account, @pause_deco, offers a beautiful photo of a coffee detail. The resolution and the quality of this image is very high.

8. Show your outfit

Another way to gain new likes in your account is by sharing your daily outfit. You can do it according to the season of the year you are in or the place you go. However, make sure that the content is attractive and it goes beyond sharing clothes in a photo. 

Angie, @stylebyangieq, proposes on this photo three different outfits in a collage to ask her followers how the pants she is wearing look better

These are some of the ideas that you can apply on your Instagram photos for those days that your creativity is on vacation.

Which one do you prefer?

Isabel Romero


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