Instagram Subscriptions: Expanding Worldwide

It looks like Instagram wants more creators coming to their app with the announcement of subscriptions being available worldwide in the coming months. Another way for creators to make a living online, this is one of many avenues Instagram is investing their resources into.

If you are unfamiliar with Instagram subscriptions, they are a way for creators to make “predictable money.” They allow you to produce exclusive content for your audience on Instagram. This can be done in posts, reels, stories, lives, and even broadcast channels and highlights!

We introduced Instagram subscriptions as one of those tools last year, giving creators in the US a new way to deepen connections with their most engaged followers while unlocking recurring monthly income.

Instagram Creators Blog

The catch of this exclusive content though is that it is paid. Followers can pay for their subscription to the creator’s content and the creators are able to set the price as they please (from $.99 to $9.99). This allows creators to have some sort of stable income on Instagram.

With subscriptions having been around for a year, and Instagram seeing success among many US creators, it’s time for an expansion. According to Mosseri, IG subscriptions will soon be available in 10 more countries around the world!

Countries –


  • Spain
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • UK
  • France


  • Canada
  • Mexico
  • Brazil

They also plan to expand to Australia and Japan with the goal of going global within the next few months!

Watch Mosseri’s announcement here or you can find more details about his announcement and subscriptions in general over on Instagram’s blog.

For those looking to start earning on Instagram, make sure to review your account and see if you are an eligible creator.

Access to Subscriptions Eligibility

The creator world is definitely here to stay and with subscriptions going global, we wonder what will come next! We will be keeping an eye out and seeing how this rollout to different countries goes!

Alex Caceres Alex Caceres , 25 July 2023
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