Manage your online campaigns with Metricool

If you run advertising campaigns on Google Ads and Facebook Ads, you are probably tired of changing platforms when you need to check how your ads are working in each of them.

That’s why we are about to tell you something that you’d like to hear…

You can obtain very valuable data and insights about your ads on Google and Facebook with Metricool. It allows you to analyze and manage the performance of your online campaigns and implement changes such as adjusting the budget of your campaign and pausing or enabling ads.

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Manage your online campaigns with Metricool: How it works

You will find a fourth tab named Ads on Metricool. In this section, you can manage your digital marketing campaigns on both online advertising platforms: Facebook Ads and Google Ads.

When you click on this tab, a table will appear with all the ad campaigns created on both Google Ads and Facebook Ads in the period of time you have previously selected.

Campañas Google Ads

➡️ The option Last 30 days will be selected by default. That is, if you don’t make any changes, you will see the information about the marketing campaigns created in the last 30 days. ⬅️

At a glance, you will be provided with a list of all the ad campaigns. When you click each of them, you will be able to choose the following options in a drop-down menu:

  • Ad Groups

These words describe your product and play a key role to make sure your ads show to your users. It’s crucial to carry out a study about which keywords help to improve the performance and the ranking in search results and reduce the cost of a campaign.

  • Ads

As we mentioned above, you can create one or more ads within a group. It gives you the possibility to show the same message with a different perspective by changing the text or images so you can check which one is best received by users. You can focus your ads to appear on Google Search, other Google search sites or Google Display Network.

  • Keywords

These words describe your product and play a key role to make sure your ads show to your users. It’s crucial to carry out a study about which keywords help to improve the performance and the ranking in search results and reduce the cost of a campaign.

advertising campaigns

Campaigns, ads and keywords metrics

In the four groups (campaigns, ad groups, ads and keywords), you have access to the following metrics:

✅ Start: Date that you started your campaign.

✅ Status: There are three different possible statuses:

→ Paused

→ Enabled

→ Removed

You can change the status of your ads by enabling or disabling them depending on how well they are working according to their metrics.

✅ Budget: Daily budget available for your campaign. You can choose the budget you are willing to use for your campaigns directly on Metricool. These changes will be reflected on both platforms respectively.

✅ Spent: The money spent on each campaign. The amount invested on an ad so far.

✅ Impressions: The impressions that each campaign has received, in other words, the number of times that your ads have been displayed.

✅ Clicks: Number of clicks that your ads have received.

✅ Conversions: The current conversions of each campaign. On Facebook ads, the type of conversion depends on the configuration on Facebook’s pixel. If it is 0, the campaign’s objective will determine the result that will be registered on the Action column.

✅ CPM: Cost per thousand impressions. An impression is when an ad is displayed on a webpage. It reflects the average cost or how much it’d cost to impact one thousand times with an ad. It helps to compare different reaches and optimize ads depending on their performance.

✅ CPC: Cost per click in each campaign, ad or keyword. You will be able to see how many users impacted by your campaign react to your call. It is a key performance indicator of your campaign.

✅ CTR: Click through rate. This is the number of clicks that a link obtains in relation to the number of impressions. This metric measures the impact of your digital campaign.

✅ Conversion rate: The conversion rate of each campaign helps you to analyze the performance of your campaigns, ad groups, ads and keywords. You can check which one receives more conversions in relation to the impressions receive, comparing the ones with less traffic but more profitable.

Filtros para campañas Google Ads

Advantages of managing your campaigns with Metricool

Save time: You will save time by having the campaigns from both advertising channels in the same platform.

Overview: You can view the performance of all your ad campaigns at a glance. You can see your Google ads or Facebook ads independently or together to have a better idea how your ads are performing as a whole on the Internet.

Take actions directly: You can make informed decisions after checking how your ad groups and campaigns are performing: to make changes, adjust the bidding and enable or disable your ads.

Compare all your campaigns: You can compare your Facebook and Google’s campaigns and use a larger budget for the one with a higher performance. You can also compare your ad groups and keywords, all the metrics will help you to decide the budget to each of them.

What do you think about this Metricool feature? Do you have any questions?

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If you want to learn everything about your online advertising campaigns, Google and Facebook Ads, register Metricool for free.

Sara Martín Sara Martín , 08 August 2019


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