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Moderating messages and comments on social networks is a daily job, especially for those accounts that are very active and have many followers.

Customer service through social networks

80% of companies use social networks to provide customer care. 60% of clients contact brands through their social networks when they want to talk about problems with the service.

If you manage social media accounts from different clients, you probably know that moderating comments and providing customer service through them requires a lot of time.

For users, making claims, complaints or talking to brands via social channels is more agile and direct. Besides, platforms are free and open to everybody.


Moderate your messages with Metricool

As of now, you have the possibility to moderate your comments and messages from Metricool’s app.

All in one place so you don’t have to enter each social network. An easy way to save time and have all your messages under control.


What you can do with Metricool’s inbox management tool

You will be able to reply to the following messages and comments from this tool.

  • Comments on Instagram: Answer comments from your audience on your publications.
  • Facebook Messenger: Receive and answer all the messages from your Messenger.
  • Comments on Facebook: Reply to all your followers’ comments on your publications.
  • Direct messages on Twitter: Attend to your messages on Twitter’s inbox.


How to use it

In the section Real Time, in the menu on the left, you can see the option Messages at the bottom.

  1. When you click this option, the messages will be open.
  2. On the top-left side, you can choose the social network.

And you are ready to moderate your comments and take care of your customers from Metricool!


You will see exactly the same content that is shown on your social networks.



You won’t have to swipe users every time you want to answer from different accounts when you use Metricool’s inbox management tool.

If you manage many accounts from different brands at the same time, you must start and close sessions of the different accounts on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook when you have to reply to direct messages and comments in each of them.

However, with Metricool’s new feature, in one dashboard you can have all the accounts you manage. This means that if you want to reply to messages from all of them you just have to click the one you want to use. You won’t have to log in and out your accounts each time.

In addition, any person on the team can manage the comments from all the accounts without having to know the passwords of all your client’s profiles. That is, they only need to know how to access Metricool to manage the accounts.


Advantages of using social networks to build relationships with users 

The use of social networks is in constant growth so, taking care of your customers through them increasingly offers plenty of benefits:


Instant customer care

The number of users on social networks keeps increasing. We should take advantage of the higher volume of work generated by this growth. Providing a good customer service via social networks will work positively for your brand.

Convenience and time saver

Having metrics, planning and messages in a single tool is very helpful and convenient as you work in one dashboard.

Speed of answer

You will have all your Facebook Pages and accounts from your social networks in one place. It will save time and allow you to organize the moderation of your comments quicker.

Dialog with your customers

The use of social networks to talk with your clients helps you to manage a crisis even before it sparks and encourages an active communication with your followers.

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Customer service via social networks 

Even if it doesn’t seem like it, there are a series of “rules” that you must follow when you take care of your customers through social networks.



It’s crucial that the time between the question and the answer remains short. Users progressively demand a quicker answer. The ideal is to give a reply before the customer disconnects and leaves dissatisfied to some extent from the treatment received.

If your company can’t reply to users in less than 24 hours, it is convenient to provide a schedule on your profile stating when you are available to attend your clients.


Answer all the messages that you receive, even if it is with an emoticon or a simple thanks. It is very important that users get an answer to their messages. Besides, social networks value the action of replying to a comment as it can have an impact on Facebook and Instagram’s algorithm.


Users look for an instant answer to their doubts and problems. It is crucial that you clearly explain to them what’s going on and give them a quick solution.


Do you want to know more about other Metricool’s features?

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Do you want to learn more about Metricool’s inbox management tool?

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