07 October 2022

Mobilia is a CRM platform for the real estate industry to help real estate managers solve their day-to-day problems due to a lack of time and organization. Undoubtedly, it is the perfect partner so that real estate companies can control and keep up with all their tasks from the same platform.

This is how the integration was created with Metricool, in search of a solution for its clients to manage and analyze their social media from their own platform.

Braulio Moreno Moreno, the co-founder of Soluciones IP (a company that develops Mobilia), told us why they opted for Metricool as a white label.

What made you decide to integrate Metricool with Mobilia?

Both Mobilia, and several of our clients, were already users of Metricool, so we knew about the benefits of your services. 

We can add that at Mobilia, we don’t intend to reinvent the wheel every time but rather make the most of great tools by bringing them to our users, either as a prescription or, as in the case of Metricool, as an integration that adds value to the whole.  Besides, several clients already spoke highly of Metricool to us, so it was only a matter of time to integrate it.

What has been the contribution value of Mobilia to its clients with this integration?

Undoubtedly, the ease of managing your Metricool account without leaving Mobilia. On many occasions, unless marketing or community managers are available, the real estate advisor does not have the time and, many times, the knowledge to manage several platforms independently. Generally, they spend more time on it initially, since it’s something ‘new,’ but in the medium term and due to the pace of work, many services stop being used. 

Thanks to the ease of having everything integrated into their daily work environment with Mobilia, the use of all Metricool features are clearly a benefit. Metricool & Mobilia, help bring real estate companies closer in managing their social networks in a unique environment and in an easy and fun way.

Also, a specific feed has been integrated into Mobilia, to automate the publication of properties on social media by the agency, through Metricool autolists. This has saved the agency a lot of time, since it allows publishing all the properties automatically (something that on multiple occasions, was not possible until now).

What results have you obtained after this integration?

Joy among Mobilia users who were already Metricool users and others who have discovered this tool due to the integration. The most important thing is customer satisfaction after checking how easy it is to use, with access to data and metrics that were previously impossible to track individually on each social network (due to lack of time or knowledge)

The success of the Mobilia + Metricool integration lies in the high degree of satisfaction of both platforms separately. By joining them together, it adds even more value to our clients.

Metricool and Mobilia complement each other.

How as the process of integrating Metricool as a white label with Mobilia?

Fast and easy. It was that simple.

The Metricool integration through an iframe is not a tedious development process; on the contrary. Also, Metricool naturally integrated into the Mobilia interface, almost like a native module, making it even easier to use.

mobilia with metricool

What would you highlight from Metricool?

Multiple things.

I think that, beyond the planning or analysis tools, the most outstanding achievement of Metricool is allowing users with little experience to approach the world of metrics and social media tracking easily. Users can monitor their social networks, plan their posts, reply to reviews on Google and know how their presence on the Internet is evolving, without being an expert.

And for experts and agencies managing multiple brands, it enables them to centrally manage all of their clients and harness the power of reporting to deliver great results with minimal effort. What else could you ask for? 

What is the contribution value of Metricool for real state managers?

Similar to other sectors: It allows them to manage social networks that they couldn’t do otherwise in many cases, due to lack of time or, for a reason as simple as “I work in real estate, I am not a Community Manager”

Why do you think real estate should be digitized and use tools like Mobilia or Metricool?

In the real estate sector, digitization is more susceptible and necessary for several reasons:

Clients are digital

Almost all users, regardless of age, are “digital” to a greater or lesser extent, and real estate cannot fall behind.

Optimization of processes

We need to make the most of the technology, especially in the real estate sector. In the case of real estate, many processes can be digitized: the acquisition of a property, the signing of a contract with a digital signature on mobile devices, virtual visits, open houses, or automated customer monitoring. Now this is possible, all thanks to the use of Mobilia or any other good CRM.

💡 Digitizing is not “using” applications, but rather integrating those applications and services into standard processes, especially repetitive ones, in which human intervention does not contribute anything other than loss of time and a high opportunity cost.

Technology is in everything.

A few years ago, word of mouth was fundamental in the neighborhood. Today, things haven’t changed much, except that “the neighborhood” is something bigger, like the Internet, and its limits go much further. This is where Metricool becomes a necessary ally to facilitate and manage your online presence and build a good reputation amongst real estate agencies.

Isabel Romero Isabel Romero , 07 October 2022

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