Neil Patel Interview

29 June 2017

Neil Patel is one of the top online Marketing bloggers worldwide. An entrepreneur who has made himself. He has felt failure, success and he has helped to a large number of people to develop their business.

At the age of 16 he created his first website. After losing all his money in that project and seeing that he did not obtain results decided to dedicate himself to the digital marketing world and to be the one that gave results to its clients. He has founded numerous companies, advised large and small companies. A pleasure to have him here at Metricool.

Neil Patel Interview

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Hi Neil. First of all thank you for this interview and for your time. We know that when you were 16 years old you started you first website and decided to go for the Digital Marketing World. Could you please tell to our readers who is today Neil Patel?

Who is Neil Patel?

Entrevista a Neil Patel

Could you please tell to our readers who is today Neil Patel?

I am the co-founder of KISSmetrics, Crazy Egg, Hello Bar, and Quick Sprout. I am a serial entrepreneur who is obsessed with digital marketing and my mission is to help as many people learn about marketing as possible. I am a New York Times bestselling author who loves to write. I constantly post new articles on my and Quick Sprout blogs. I also travel a lot, speaking at conferences around the world about SEO, growth hacking, digital marketing, and entrepreneurship.

On the video of your website, you comment that you have helped a lot of big companies such as Google, eBay, General Motors… but you also say that the biggest satisfaction for you is to help small companies to be successful. Which is your advice for small business and start-ups that are starting?

Understand your target audience. Too many startups skip this stage and ultimately fail. If you don’t know who you are trying to reach and what their pain points are, it will be impossible for you to provide the right solutions.

You need to dig deep and connect with your users on a personal level. When you do this, you can create content that caters to their needs and desires while answering their questions. This builds trust and makes it much easier for you to then sell your product or service to them.

You help companies to generate more profit thanks to the Digital Marketing. Can you please tell us to our readers some of your tactics in order to increase the profits thanks to the Digital Marketing? Is there any formula for doing that?

Like I mentioned in the previous question, understanding the target audience is key. There is no real formula, though. Something that works really well with Company A might not work for Company B.

Digital marketing is a combination of understanding tactics that work (like SEO and content marketing) and relentless testing. The online marketing process never ends because you need to keep making adjustments to see what will provide the best results.

The best technique to sell through social networks is HONESTY.

Neil Patel

There are big companies that spent a lot of millions of dollars in Digital Marketing and they do not get great results and on the other hand, there are small business with a little budget but that get great results. Why according to your opinion you think this happens?

Again, this goes back to understanding the user. If a company spends millions of dollars on ads but are targeting the wrong audience, they are going to fail. Sure, they might get a lot of traffic because they are spending a lot, but the traffic will not be qualified and will therefore not convert well.

On the other hand, if a company knows who they are trying to reach and create a campaign (or piece of content) that truly answers the main pain point of their target audience, they will generate the right traffic, qualified visitors that will convert and become customers.

How do you think Social Media Networks can help a company to be successful?

Social media helps you understand who you are reaching. If you are active on social media and engage your followers, you will unearth a gold mine of information that will help you create the right content to drive traffic and make the right adjustments to your product or service to convert better.

Simply posting on Facebook is not enough. You need to engage your followers, listen to them, talk to them… this will lead to a more trusting, personal relationship between you and your user.

Do you think that an e-commerce can use Social Media Networks in order to increase its sales or just as a communication channel with their clients o potential clients?

Both, without a doubt. The difference on social media, however, is that you don’t want to actively sell.

No one wants to go on Facebook or Instagram and be sold to. However, you can use social media as a part of your sales funnel to drive followers to content that will deliver value. Social media plays a large part in lead nurturing. Someone might follow you and not spend a dollar for a year, but the more you give them throughout that first year, the more trust you build and the more likely you are to make that sale and turn that follower into a loyal customer.

Would you be able to tell us an easy tactic for selling through Social Media?

Be honest. Don’t try to sell directly. Provide huge value in the content you share so people keep coming back for more.

Metricool is a tool for analysing the performance of your profiles in Social Media. Which Social Media metrics are important for you? And for an e-commerce or brand?

Engagement. How many people are liking, commenting, sharing your posts? How many people are clicking through to the articles that you are posting? How many views are your videos getting. These are all important metrics.

According to your opinion or data you have, which is the Social Media Network with more engagement in 2017?

For me personally, it is Facebook and LinkedIn.

Twitter does ok but not as good. I don’t use Instagram, but I know a lot of people that would say Instagram. Each person/business will have a different answer and it depends a lot on the target audience and kinds of campaigns/content they are producing. Some people will say Pinterest, others will say Snapchat. It depends on each case.

And for 2018, according to the tendencies you see, which kind of posts and social media networks e-commerce have to focus on?

Video. I just started focusing a lot on my video marketing. It gets more reach and more engagement. It is a kind of content that people like to consume. Short, sweet, and to the point videos that teach something. This is the kind of strategy I will be focusing a lot on in the next year and beyond.

And this is all about our interview with Neil Patel! We would like to thank him for dedicating part of his time to us!

Pablo Flores Pablo Flores , 29 June 2017

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