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Media monitoring and social listening is essential for measuring the success of a digital marketing campaign, keeping up to date on your industry and competitors, and gaining an in-depth understanding of the most relevant topics. In order to thrive in a competitive market, you need to have the tools measure your success.

What is PeakMetrics?

PeakMetrics is a one-stop media monitoring and social listening service that can help you track your brand online, measure the success of a public relations campaign, keep you up to date on your industry and competitors, and gain an in-depth understanding of the most relevant topics.

PeakMetrics is able to track trends from a variety of sources:

  • Radio and TV → PeakMetrics offers coverage of all 210 Nielsen designated market areas and over 2,200 TV and radio stations, including all major network affiliates and national cable stations, within minutes of airing
  • US and International News
  • Blogs
  • Podcasts
  • Social media platforms such as
    • Twitter
    • Reddit
    • Quora
    • YouTube
  • Custom Data Sources → PeakMetrics can easily ingest custom data sources relevant to your business.  Past examples include trade publications, city council minutes, and newsletters.


PeakMetrics’ reports feature allows you to keep your clients and teams up to date on the latest analysis with beautiful, automated reports and mention newsletters. It takes just a few minutes to create, style and share interactive and branded reports with your stakeholders. These reports can easily be converted to a PDF if needed and offer a full insight into your organization’s performance online.

  • Track mentions to determine how often people are discussing your brand online. 
  • Visualize trends and mentions over time to track the growth of your brand. 
  • Utilize share of voice to see how you compare to your competitors and other topics in your market. 
  • Include a geographic heat map to measure where your organization is getting the most mentions
  • Measure your brand reputation using the sentiment feature
  • Easily find the top associated organizations and people within your industry

You can easily customize your report to include any or just some of the metrics above and can add your own summary or analysis.

Daily Briefs

Sharing your organization’s most relevant brand mentions with your team or other stakeholders is easy with PeakMetric’s Daily Briefs. You can select the most relevant mentions from your feed and easily embed them in a custom branded newsletter sent as often as you’d like from your email address. Anything metrics from PeakMetrics’ Reports can also be included in the newsletter to keep your organization up-to-date and informed on the most important press hits you’re receiving. 

Journalist Database

An extensive journalist database is the key to the outreach process. Professional journalists receive hundreds of emails containing pitches for stories that they should write or produce. Media coverage in any form is extremely valuable for those looking to generate awareness for their business or brand, which is why publicists and brand managers seek to connect with journalists who have the potential to cover their story. PeakMetrics helps you identify the right people to cover your topics. 

Optimize your journalist search

Our journalist database allows you to filter journalists by geography, type of content, biography and how recently they’ve been publishing stories. Don’t waste your valuable time reaching out to journalists who don’t fit your media needs, find the relevant journalists in your area with ease.

Build a comprehensive media list

Use the journalist database to build a media list and access the relevant contact information. You can easily save your search results and add them to the media list in order to pitch them at the proper time. We’ve also included the ability to import journalists, so if you already have an established media list, don’t fret. We can seamlessly integrate this content to create a comprehensive media list. 

Pitch with purpose

Analytics give you a wholistic perspective on a journalist so you make sure you’re pitching your story to those most likely to publish it.  Comb through a journalist’s Twitter feed within PeakMetrics and craft a successful outreach email that incorporates that journalist’s interests and recent reporting. 

Simple, Flexible Pricing

Whether you want to understand public opinion, stay up-to-date on your competitors and industry, or track relevant journalists, PeakMetrics is your one-stop-shop for owning and understanding today’s communications industry. However, it’d be foolish to deny that COVID-19 hasn’t impacted your PR strategy or made it more vulnerable in some way. If you want more news alerts in real time, daily briefs of your campaign’s impact and a robust journalism database without being locked in to a year long contract, PeakMetrics flexible pricing model is just for you.

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