Improvements to Private Messages on Instagram

11 August 2023

The social network has always taken user privacy measures very seriously. Since its debut, you have the possibility to set your account to private mode, accept or decline message requests, and block other users. With the latest measure approved by the network, in DM’s, the social network aims to reduce SPAM in private messages on Instagram.

Instagram is working to expand user’s control functions over the type and quality of messages received from unwanted contacts. In this regard, the goal is to prevent users from receiving unwanted content in the form of offensive photos or videos.

With these features, which Instagram began testing last June, any user you do not follow back will have to first send a message invitation, which can only include text. That is, no images, videos, or audio files. Also, you will only be able to send one invitation to each user, whereas before there was no limit in requests from users you don’t follow.

If the user decides to decline a message invitation, this user will no longer be able to contact this account via private messaging. As you can see in the image above, Instagram informs you on the new ways to use Instagram private messages. When you want to contact an account that doesn’t follow you, you have to send an invitation.

The goal of changing this mode of private communication is so that users have control of their private messages and inbox, as well as making them feel safe when using the app. At the same time, Instagram assures to continue working on privacy in content and accounts to improve the user experience.

Anniston Ward Anniston Ward , 11 August 2023

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