Ranking of most influential eSports players on Twitter

Sara Martín
16 October, 2018
More and more people have started to play the League of Legends and are interested in knowing more about this very popular and successful game. This online sport is currently competing with the most popular sports and it already has the same number of viewers. To analyze the influence of the most famous players of League of Legends on Twitter, we have added their Twitter accounts on Metricool’s competitive analysis tool.

Study about eSports players on Twitter

For the purpose of this analysis we have gathered the information from a 30-day period, from September, 5th to October, 5th. We have based it on the following metrics to draw our conclusions:
  • Followers: Number of people who follow the players on Twitter.
  • Following: Number of accounts that each player is following
  • Tweets: Number of tweets in the selected period of time, in this case 30 days.
  • Likes: Average number of likes received by publication.
  • Retweets: Number of reposts during one month.

Most influential eSports players in the LoL league

These are the main conclusions drawn from our analysis:
  • Martin Larsson, Fnatic player and one of the most popular participants. Larsson has the highest number of followers: 386,000 in total. However, he only posted once on Twitter in the 30 days that our study is based.The interesting thing is, that despite the fact that he was not very active during that period of time, he was the player with the highest number of retweets, 2,382.Also something similar happens with another Fnatic player, Rasmus Winther. He has over 40,000 followers on Twitter but he only posted once in the analyzed period and he was second on the list of getting more retweets.

Players ordered by tweets

  • Risto Luuri is the player with the fewest followers of all players in this analysis, he has less than 2,000. However, he is the most active and with more postings on his Twitter account in these last 30 days.
  • The most successful players on Twitter are the ones who are more successful in the game. But they are not the ones who use twitter the most.

Players Ranking 

We have analyzed the Twitter accounts of several players of League of Legends and we have organized them by the number of “Likes”.

eSports players ordered by likes

Martin Larsson

@RekklesLoL on Twitter. He is the player who received more “likes” during this last month in spite of only having tweeted once in this period of time. This player of Fnatic doesn’t often use Twitter but he is the one who receives more interactions from followers.    

Rasmus Winther 

Another Fnatic player, @FncCapsLoL on Twitter. He has much fewer followers than the one before, but he follows the same pattern: he has published only one tweet but he has received more than 4,000 likes and 170 retweets in a month.

Marcin Jankowski

He is a G2 player, the most successful team on both the game and social networks. He was much more active than the two previous players, he published 12 tweets. Despite the fact that he has more followers than Rasmus, he gets fewer interactions: an average of 1,072 likes and 19 retweets per publication.  

Risto Luuri

Player of Vodafone Giants. A team that has recently disappeared. His Twitter account is @SirNukesAlotlol. Amongst all the players analyzed, he is the one with a lower number of followers. However, he was the most active during the month. He tweets and retweets on Twitter more often. That’s the main difference with other players like Martin Larsson who only publishes images. Whereas he is the one with the most postings on Twitter, Risto receives less interactions during the last month and year.    


He also played for Giants and he is also quite active on Twitter. He publishes more often although as the previous player, he is the one with the fewest followers on this social network. If we extend our analysis to one year, he is the most active tweeting. During 12 months he has published a total of 236 tweets.  

Samuel Fernández 

He belongs to the team Unicorns of love. In this last month he tweeted 4 times, more than the most famous players of League of Legends. However, in the last 12 months he was the least active with only 17 tweets published.         These are the main highlights and conclusions that we extracted from our study. Do you have any questions? We will read your messages in the comment section.  
Sara Martín


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