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See what’s going on in your community

Access your website data in real time, track hashtags, and monitor the conversations on your social networks.

See how many active visitors your website has in real time

  • Analyze your website traffic
    Observe the impact of any action that drives traffic.

  • Visiting now
    The dashboard helps you understand what’s happening on your website at that exact moment.

  • Monitor your visitors
    Discover if your visitors are looking at the pages you expect.

Track any hashtag on Twitter and Instagram

Analyze the impact of your event or campaign on Twitter or Instagram through hashtag tracking. We store all of the interactions and compile a final report.

  • Analytics dashboard
    Review the hashtag’s activity in real time.

  • Real Time screens
    Display the data on separate screens to get a holistic view across platforms.

  • Final reports
    Export the final report for analysis.

Never miss a message

Avoid constantly opening each social network to review your messages. Manage all of your inboxes from one place.