Analyze what’s going on in your community right now

Access the data of your web in real time, track a hashtag or keep an eye on the conversations on your social profiles



We help big companies:


Connect everything and start measuring in real time


Analyze what your active visitors are seeing, from which source of traffic and from which country in real time. Did you just launch something new? Observe your community’s reaction

Hashtag Tracker

Present statistical data related to your Twitter or Instagram hashtag in stunning panels and obtain a detailed report after the monitoring is over

Inbox Management

Check if you have new messages in any of your networks and reply to them in real time

Twitter Benchmark

Compare your Twitter profile against one competitor and learn from your differences to draw a plan for attracting new followers.


Analyze how many active visitors your web has in real time

Observe your web visitors in real time: which content are being seen and where they come from. The dashboard in real time helps you to understand what’s happening in your web in the moment.

Analyze your web in the moment

Observe the impact of any action that drives traffic in real time.

Know your visitors

Discover if your visits are following the path you expect .


Analyze any hashtag on Twitter and Instagram

Analyze the impact of your event or marketing action on Twitter or Instagram through a complete hashtag tracking with Metricool.
We store all the interactions and offer final and in real time data.

Analytics dashboard

Review the hashtag activity in real time

Real Time screens

Display the data on screens to encourage participation

Export the final report

Export the final report for a later analysis or archive


Don’t miss any messages from your community

Avoid having to constantly open each social network to review if you get new messages.
The management of your inbox from all of your networks stays unified and with easy access


Find potential followers comparing the Twitter community of one competitor with yours

It will help you to draw a Twitter community growth plan.

Compare your activity

Find differences in relation to posting frequency and interaction.

Best followers

Discover who your best followers are on each profile and find ways to connect.

Compare communities

Take actions such as follow or stop following followers in common or different.

Use Metricool for free from any device


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