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18 August 2022

Do you have a Facebook group and want to keep it active with content at all times? You need a tool to schedule a post on Facebook group and publish your content.

And the solution is Metricool: to schedule your posts and analyze their performance with analytics.

How to schedule a post on Facebook Group

To plan your content on a Facebook group,  you must first connect it to Metricool. 

This part is essential before getting down to work.

Connect your Facebook Group to Metricool

To connect your account, you must be the administrator of the group.

If you already are, you just have to connect your Facebook group to Metricool:

  1. Create your Metricool account here: https://app.metricool.com/register.
  2. If you already have an account, go to the Connections dashboard and choose the Connect group option.
  3. The screen will direct you to Facebook to log in and authorize Metricool: remember to accept the permissions to ensure everything works well. 
  4. Select the group you want to connect with, and done!

You must install the Metricool application in your Facebook group to schedule and post your content successfully.

Go to Group Settings > Apps section > search for Metricool > click Add > Done.

Schedule a post on Facebook Group

Schedule and post on Facebook Groups

Once your Facebook group and Metricool are connected, you can post your content at the moment or leave your posts scheduled so the tool can publish them for you.

Follow these steps to schedule and post your content on the Facebook group from Metricool:

  • Open the Metricool planning tool  and click on ‘Create new post’ or directly on the time slot in the calendar when you want to share your content
  • Fill in the content with everything you want for your post: Multimedia content, mentions, etc.
  • Select the date and time of the post or click the publish now checkbox. 
  • Click Save. 

Also, you can use autolists to post content periodically. 

Import your content in bulk to your autolist using a CSV and select the day of the week and time. This way, there will always be content in your Facebook group.

Aspects to consider

You can use Metricool to analyze and plan the content of your Facebook group.

Apart from being an admin of the Facebook Group, you must keep in mind the following aspects:

  • In each Metricool brand, you can connect a Facebook page or a Facebook group: you cannot connect both.
  • If you have chosen to connect a Facebook group, you will not be able to connect an Instagram account.  The reason is that all Instagram permissions are managed from a Facebook page.
  • Ensure you have installed Metricool’s app in your Facebook Group to ensure everything works properly. 

Now you have the right tool to post on a Facebook group: schedule and post your content and analyze your performance. 

Want to know more about Metricool? Check out this Mega tutorial with all the features so you won’t miss a thing.

Carlos Bravo Carlos Bravo , 18 August 2022

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