Social Media Marketing World 2022

15 March 2022

Social Media Marketing World 2022 it is being held in San Francisco, where a large number of presentations will be given by industry specialists.

What does this event consist of? We tell you all about the “marketing party”.

What’s Social Media Marketing World?

SMMW is the world’s biggest and most famous event about social media and digital marketing that is held in San Diego each year. The Social Media Examiner team is in charge of this conference that helps multiple companies from all types of industries discover how to make better use of social networks to improve their connection with customers, drive traffic, increase sales, etc. 

Social Media Marketing World stands out for:

✅ Relevant content and with no commercial goals regarding social networks and how to include them in marketing strategies

✅ Keeping up to date the digital marketing and social media profession each year, showing and teaching the different trends and the latest techniques in the sector

✅ The presence of top expert speakers, renowned with a long experience and very interesting careers.

 Marketing sessions in live or with the opportunity to view the recording later.

Apart from gathering over 100 professionals specialized in each of the social networks, there are development workshops where the attendees who dedicate themselves to marketing and social media professionally receive practical and valuable tips to improve their marketing skills.

SMMW 2022

This year the conference will take place the first three days of March in San Diego, as previous events. 

Some of the main speakers who will participate in the sessions and workshops in this next edition are: Rachel Pedersen, Fallon Zoe, Joel Komm, etc.

There will be sessions about different topics, below are some examples…

  • Future of marketing and web.
  • Rapid Instagram Growth Strategies for 2022
  • From Zero to Hero: How to Crush It With TikTok
  • How to Drive More Traffic and Sales With LinkedIn

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#SMMW2022 on Twitter

The official hashtag for the event is #SMMW22. From this hashtag you will be able to follow the event, read opinions from other users, debate and participate in it.

In our official Metricool Twitter profile we are tracking the event and the hashtag, measuring the most active participants and publishing it in tweets.

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Rachel Pedersen at Social Media Marketing World

Metricool contributor Rachel Pedersen will participate in the event with a talk on TikTok marketing.

In her talk, titled From Zero to Hero: How to Crush It With TikTok, you will learn that it is possible to go from zero to everything on TikTok with a good content and video strategy.

Rachel Pedersen is a social media marketing, consultant and coach. She has an extensive community of over 1 million followers. Her success also carries over to Instagram, where she has 175 thousand followers.

Are you considering to attend SMMW? 👇🏻

Sara Martín Sara Martín , 15 March 2022
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