To succeed on Twitter you have to behave like a character in the Friends Sitcom

Ana González Duque
11 March, 2021

A few days ago, browsing on Twitter (which is by far my favorite social network) I found the image with which I head this article. I wanted to explain in an entertaining way, how to gain followers on Twitter and use this social network to be able to generate a community of true fans based around you, as I have done. This is a funny idea, so hang on while I explain…

I belong to a generation that grew up drinking coffee in Central Perk and dancing to the tune of “I’ll be there for you” with which the series began. So forgive me if you’re not quite as old and this doesn’t sound like something that interests you. You can take the opportunity to watch the series on Netflix and find out 😉 But, finally, how to succeed and gain followers on Twitter:

Dress like Rachel

Rachel has a natural elegance that led thousands of women at the time the show aired to take her photo to the hair salon and tell the hairdresser, “I want you to get my haircut like her” Their dresses were copied automatically. And it inspired many low-cost chain designers.

In short, she has a personal brand of her own.

That’s one of the things you have to pursue if you want to get the most out of Twitter. As a writer, you must be very clear about who the target reader you are addressing is: their age, their tastes, the topics that interest them and concern them because your tweets are going to be about those topics – and not others.

Being a good conversationalist is not generally based on talking about what interests you, but what interests the reader that you want to attract.

  • Don’t tag anyone who has nothing to do with the content you share.
  • Don’t send automated private messages. It makes readers want to run from your account.
  • And always be elegant: do not criticize other people’s mistakes. Recognize your own. And enter the networks to help, not to sell.

Flirt like Joey

“But, Ana—you might tell me—, “what I really want is to talk about my book.” Seriously? No, what interests you is that others talk about your book. There is nothing worse than a monothematic conversation. And that’s what happens with most writer profiles. “Buy my book” repeated till you drop.

So how do you get others to talk about your book?

Well, it’s not a day’s work, because it’s not limited to just flirting. You’re going to have to make sure you woo your audience. Make lists of your target audience and every day dedicate a moment of your day to share the content of those people that you would like to read your book. Interact with them. Get involved. Stop being a complete stranger.

Which means you have to start your social media strategy long, long before your book is published.

Every courtship has its rules and you must be patient. Nobody likes to be weighed down with serenades every night. Praise sincerely, but not every day. If you don’t have anything nice to say about someone, don’t say anything. Little by little, you will create an audience around you.

«Uff, but this is a bummer. I want the instant formula!» —you’ll tell me. That’s right. We all want the solution now. Perhaps the fastest way is like that memorable scene from Karate Kid, another old movie-in which Mr. Miyagui forced the protagonist to “wax on, wax off”. The protagonist of Karate Kid also wanted to learn Karate instantly, but the best results take time.

Clean like Monica

What is published on social networks remains there. Even if you delete it, there is always someone that has taken a screenshot. So on Twitter you have to be Switzerland: neutral and clean. Before posting a tweet, any tweet, think twice about whether its content could harm you. If there is the slightest chance that it will harm your personal brand, don’t post it.

In my online marketing for writers, I always recommend that my students, unless they are a famous writer, do not contribute to political, religious or sport networks. They are topics in which whatever you think, the controversy and the heated discussions are always brewing.

And if you accidentally get into a mess, take a deep breath and count to ten before answering. Always be polite and courteous. And if it is not possible to be polite, as in the case of responding to trolls, do not answer.

Sing like Phoebe

You’re on Twitter with one goal: don’t forget it. You can comment on something personal, of course, but always think about why you do it. Nobody likes crybabies. I remember a booktuber who complained online that no one was watching her videos. “If nobody sees her videos…” thought those that read her complaints, “it’s probably because they are not very good.” they would go on to think.

Be optimistic. Help. Give encouragement. Support.

Joke like Chandler

Make no mistake, I’m not telling you to be a clown. But humor – and taking things with a sense of humor – helps ease and resolve many situations on social media. Humor also favors sharing your own content without overloading people. 

Love like Ross

Make your Twitter profile so attractive that few can resist your charms:

  • Put a photo of you smiling on the profile.
  • Use humor in your bio.
  • Always attach images when you share tweets (it attracts much more attention).
  • Make sure your automated tweets are always striking and have to do with your target audience.
  • Post only content of value to your followers.
  • Always find the balance between followers and followed of at least 4/2. The follow back thing does not serve to obtain a loyal audience. Before following someone think: Is it my target audience? If it’s not, but you’re interested in something else, add it to a list without following it.

Twitter is a difficult lover. It is hard to get a hold of this social network, but once you have conquered it, it is faithful and devoted and returns more than the time you’ve invested.

Do you use Twitter in training your audience?

Ana González Duque


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