Everything about a YouTuber

Sara Martín
12 June, 2020

YouTuber: definition

A YouTuber is a user who uploads or appears in videos on this platform with the objective of growing a community.

Characteristics of a YouTuber

Any person can publish a video on YouTube but only the ones who are able to build a community interested in their content and work can be considered a successful YouTuber. 

The characteristics that drive YouTubers to success are:

▶️ Sharing original content: If you upload the same content as other users, it is difficult to stand out and be original.

▶️ Create personal content: Often, followers feel identified with content that appeals to their emotions, which is why these topics catch their attention..

▶️ Be close to your followers: If YouTubers or influencers show that they care about their followers, they will build a stronger relationship with them. 

How YouTubers can make money

Sharing videos on YouTube could start as a hobby, but once you start receiving visits and subscribers, you can begin earning some monthly income. 

There are different options from which you can make some money through your YouTube channel: 

  • Using Google AdSense: When content starts receiving multiple views, businesses and companies will try to place their ads on this content in order to increase the possibility of getting as many impressions as possible. 
  • Becoming Google Partner: YouTube will offer to those who reach success on this platform and skyrocket with the number of subscribers, to be part of a partner program to generate revenue for the visits. 
  • Products advertising: Many brands look to being identified by as many people as possible. Companies will sign contracts with YouTubers so they will show their products in their videos.

Most popular YouTubers

In YouTube there are multiple types of YouTubers, I have prepared a list with the 3 most popular YouTubers  and with the most subscribers on their channels, so you can check them out.

1️⃣ PewDiePie: The most popular Youtuber with over 100 million subscribers. He became famous on YouTube with his comic approach when commenting on video games. 

2️⃣ HolaSoyGerman: This YouTuber has over 40 million subscribers. In his channel,  he speaks about everyday situations around the world from a comical perspective. 

3️⃣ El Rubius: 36 million subscribers see his videos about video games. Also, he stands out for his great sense of humor. 

Are you interested in the YouTube world? 

Sara Martín


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