How to work from home and not die trying

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The traditional or customary way of working has evolved in the past years. Nowadays, more companies let employees work remotely and more and more people have decided that working from home could be their best option, either because they consider that it improves their quality of work and life, they are tired of long working days at the office or any other reason.   However, is this a good choice? Does it really improve work-life balance?   We are not here to answer these questions, you are the one to decide whether working from home is worth it or not. However, in this article you will find some important keys and tools to be successful in your attempt to work from home if you decide to follow this path.   Obviously, there are some professions that don’t allow you to work remotely. So first, make sure your work can be developed from any place.   You can always reinvent yourself and customize work that adapts to your needs. Have you ever thought about it?  

How to work from home

  You set the terms of your work if you are an entrepreneur or freelancer. You are the owner of your time and you decide how to best organize to maximize your daily performance at home. We can talk about two distinct profiles: ✅ An entrepreneur: a person who sets and creates a business taking some financial risks. In this case, some examples of businesses that allow you to work from anywhere would be an online store or a business that builds mobile applications.   ✅ A freelancer: a person that works for third parties. For example, programmers, copywriters, SEO consultants, etc. However, this profile is expanding to more traditional jobs, such as teachers. This is a better option if you are not willing to take greater financial risks.   The search of jobs to work remotely is increasingly becoming very popular in the last few years. Now, you can google “work from home” along with your city, and you will find several offers advertised by companies or specialized job platforms.   So, whether you are looking for jobs that will give you more flexibility to choose where to work from or you are willing to start a new business adventure to get that freedom, you should know some of the pros and cons that you might face if you work from home:    

Advantages of working from home

  • It’s a topic, but “feeling at home” will improve the quality of your work: playing your favorite podcast without interruptions, drinking your just-brewed coffee from your favorite mug or choosing your own office material will have a positive impact in your performance.
  • The fact that you don’t need to commute and pay for transportation will keep more money in your pocket and at the same time, you won’t waste your time going to the office and back.
  • You decide your schedule from the moment you wake up. However, it is crucial that you manage your time wisely to maximize your performance and get things done.

Disadvantages of working from home 

  • Working from home can be a double-edged sword. Some people need to get out or otherwise, can feel trapped, like the walls are coming in on them, and therefore, feel stress and overwhelmed.
  • Any corner of your home can become the biggest discovery in a long time, that is, it might sometimes be hard for you to concentrate. If you don’t control these distractions, your performance can be negatively affected and you end up procrastinating.
  • If you don’t organize and manage your time efficiently, you might end up working on weekends or on national holidays.

Platforms to find offers to work from home 

  Here you can find some of the most popular platforms where you can find some offers to work remotely:   ✅ Linkedln is a fantastic platform to find all type of jobs all around the globe. Add the words that best describe your profession and type in “remote” in the location search bar. You can also easily send your application through this platform.   ✅ Copywriting Jobs: A platform exclusively focused on copywriting or content manager jobs.   Ziprecruiter:  A global job search platform focused on new technologies.    


Always keep your profile updated to increase your chances of getting a job

You can find some useful LinkedIn photo tips here

Tools to work remotely 

In general, the most common jobs that you can develop remotely have something to do with technology, marketing or Internet content. Based on this assumption, we have put together a list of tools that will help you when you are working remotely.   If you are working from home and your job is not related to any of the fields mentioned above, you might still find some of these tools useful.    

Tools to connect teams wherever they are 

  If communication is crucial in an office, this becomes even more important when you are working remotely.  
  • Slack is a real-time messaging tool. With Slack you create different channels that make the communication among teams easier.
  • HangoutSkype. Videoconferences are a must to communicate efficiently between teams located in different areas.

Tools to manage your time wisely and increase your productivity 

  You can find three crucial apps to maximize your performance:  
  • This tool helps you to handle the chaos in your company. It will organize the work, helping to identify how, when and who is doing each task.
  • Measuring time is key to understand how long each task takes and to inform clients what you are doing with it. It will help you to price your work and find out where your time is invested.
  • Its goal is to efficiently manage and analyze social networks. Planning your social media profiles and scheduling your content ahead will save you a lot of headaches.

Tools to share information with your community 

  • Google Drive. With this tool you can share your work in the cloud with collaborators and work simultaneously. This tool also lets storage files and share them. Its free plan allows you to storage 2GB in contrast with Google Drive that gives you 15GB for free.
  So, now you have the keys to work remotely. What are you planning to do? Work at home or use a coworking space?   Let us know if you have any doubt or question. We will read your comments!  
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