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The ultimate tool to analyze, manage and measure the success of all your digital content.

Free. Complete. Intuitive.


Active users


Analyzed posts


Scheduled tweets

All your marketing analytics like you’ve never seen before

Metricool is free to use for as long as you want. All in one site: web analytics, blog content, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, publication planner, real-time and more.

Finally all the information that matters in an easy and intuitive tool.

Find out what happens in real time

Easy. Complete. Reliable. All the information you need to make swift decisions, never hasty.

Monitor your website and blog to know how your content or your promotional campaigns are working. What pages are your readers watching ? What navigation path do they follow? Find out where they come from, what are they reading now, what pages have they read and for how long.

Using Twitter in real-time you’ll know what followers are active now. You can interact with them immediately or publish content relevant to them.

Easily schedule your publications

What you want to publish, when you want to publish it. Do you want to schedule your content for Twitter and Facebook coordinately? Your wish is my command.

Organize your publications visually. Adapt your schedule based on the best times to publish. Post multiple images or animated GIFs. Record all your content statistics: clicks, interactions or impressions.

Group all your content in Autolists and define days and times to publish them. Rearrange your content. Put some in pause. All you ever imagined for a real social networks publication planner.

Follow the evolution of your networks, your website and your blog

You will not find another tool like Metricool to analyze all your content. Your website, your blog posts and your social networks: Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

See how all your metrics evolve. Page views, visits and visitors, countries and traffic sources, but also your blog posts, comments, and shares on social networks. Growth of your social networks communities, interactions, impressions of your publications.

It is the most easy-to-use and intuitive in the market.

All the information that matters with a great design. Intuitive date picker design and a single page design where you have everything at a glance without getting lost in complicated menus.

Exceptional reports for professionals like you

Show your boss or your customer that your content is the best without spending effort building reports from different sources.

Metricool reports are good enough to show the results of your content, your designs and your service.

Customize the content of your report choosing what information you want to include. Web analytics. Blog content. Twitter. Facebook. Instagram. Personalize the design including your logo on each page.

Analyze the reach and the impact of any hashtag in Twitter

Track and analyze any hashtag but also any topic, any keyword or any user account.

Promote participation of your audience and expand the reach of your event in real time using our real time displays showing who are the most active and most popular influencers.

PDF reports to show how important is your event to your relevant stakeholders.

Find out what places and how long you’ve been trend in social networks.

Measure and analyze the success of all your digital content

The tool that lets you spend less time in analytics and invest more time creating great content

Thousands of brands trust Metricool