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Manage, optimize, and improve results for Google Ads and Facebook Ads campaigns.

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Ads are the fast track to reach, visibility, and sales.

But, if you frequently run ad campaigns, you already know it’s not as simple as it seems. To see results in a campaign, you need to:

  • Wait patiently

  • Monitor performance

  • Make adjustments

If only the instructions for campaigns and ads were as easy as the ones for building simple lego sets. Each platform has its own advertising rules, and things get complicated when you run campaigns on several different social networks. Additionally, if you are a social media manager and boost posts or create ads, your work multiplies.

We all want to grow through advertising, but we must simplify the work.

This is where Metricool comes to the rescue.

Because getting results in your campaigns without investing all your time is possible if you have an ad campaign center that is intuitive and allows for easy adjustments. 

Discover your new base camp to create, measure, and optimize your online advertising campaigns.

Free forever. No trial period

Manage ads and social media in one place, and stop complicating your life with different tools. 

Having all this will definitely take a load off your mind:

  • An intuitive campaign builder that guides you in the right direction.

    Whether you are a pro, have some experience, or are just starting out, you can rely on this lifesaving feature to make the process easier.

  • An ad campaign comparative tool to detect what works best for you.

    Comparisons are not always harmful, especially when they help you perfect your campaigns on Facebook Ads and Google Ads.

  • Express reports in 5 minutes, both for Google Ads and Facebook Ads.

    To have all your data and analytics in a single document, that you can complete with the performance of your social networks in any given period.

These brands that you probably know are Metricoolers. They already have a single hub to support the process of managing social media and online advertising platforms.

That’s why they can answer the big questions about their performance on Google Ads and Facebook Ads.

Where do campaigns perform better, on Google or Facebook? 

In seconds, you can find the answers by comparing results in interactive visual charts without switching platforms.

  • Discover which campaigns have higher ROAS. 

  • Make adjustments to lower the cost from one place.

  • Optimize your ads in no time.

How do my ads influence organic searches?

You need our Looker Studio connector to get the answers thanks to advanced analytics. Bring your data into Looker Studio and cross-reference it with other data sources.

Simplify and improve the performance of your online campaigns starting today.

Simple to use, with powerful capabilities to reach your campaign goals. 

It’s the kit to create the perfect ads.

Free forever. No trial period