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Show your boss or your customer that your content is the best without spending effort building complicated reports. With Metricool reports you can easily demonstrate the efficiency of your content, your design and the outstanding service you provide to your users.

Configurable. Easy. Awesome.

Highly customizable

Select a time period.

Choose what content is relevant for your next report: your audience, your blog, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or all.

Decide how many publications and the metric to sort by to build your rankings, and the metrics to sort. You can have top tweets by link clicks or top Facebook updates by impressions or top Instagram pictures by likes os comments.

Make our reports yours, include your own logo and send them to your customers.

Voila! You’ll have everything you need to show your work and progress to your clients, the way you want it.

Beautiful and easy-to-read design

Metricool reports have been designed always having the readers in mind.

They are easy-to-read, and as complete as you want.

If you work for a brand, they are perfect to share your results with your boss or client.

If you are blogger, they are the perfect way to show your sponsors, advertisers or partners the impact of your content.

Choose the content you want to include

Web and blog

Audience growth
Most visited pages
Traffic Sources
Blog posts ranking


Community growth
Balance of followers
Ranking of tweets


Community growth
Balance of followers
Page impressions
Ranking of posts


Community growth
Balance of followers
Ranking of images


Community growth
Ranking of updates

All that’s important to you in a single report

Forget about spending hours collecting information from different tools.

Stop building report templates and complicated Excel spreadsheets.

Download your Metricool reports with all the information you need and send them directly to your customers or advertisers.

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