Social media reports with Metricool

Comprehensive social media reports ready in 5 minutes.

In just a few clicks you have an automated and customized social media report to download and send to your client. 

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It’s the first of the month and you need to build a social media report for your client… a rough day awaits. 

If you manage several clients or you are a social media manager, you know exactly what we are talking about.

What if we told you that this method that takes endless hours can be simplified in a matter of minutes?

Without Metricool

  • You start the day with a strong coffee to get going.

  • You go to each social media channel individually to extract and record your client’s data.

  • You analyze the results and prepare another cup of coffee.

  • Now it’s time to organize all the information in a report and make sure it’s easy to understand.

  • Lunch break.

  • Time for the final touches to design the report and send it to your client.

  • Report for client number one done!

  • Now it’s back to the beginning to repeat the same steps for the next brand you manage…

With Metricool

  • You start the day with a strong coffee to get going

  • Select the period, language, metrics, and design. Click generate and the report is ready! 

5 minutes to create a professional report? You must be kidding…

No games, fine print, or misleading advertising. Don’t believe us? Let”s walk through it together.

Turning fiction into reality.

  • Minute 1. Create a new template or reuse an existing one.

    You only need to design your report once. Create templates with your preferred aesthetic to reuse them as often as you need.

  • Minute 2. Select the data and sections to include.

    Select the social networks to review specific data or an in-depth analysis of a single channel. You decide.

  • Minute 3. Organize the report tables based on the objectives.

    Sort your posts by the metrics you are most interested in and discover at a glance which content has performed best.

  • Minute 4. Choose the date range to analyze.

    Daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly? No matter what period you choose, it will take you the same amount of time, less than 5 minutes (we do the hard work 🙂 ).

  • Minute 5. Automate the delivery to always be on time.

    Report ready! Now decide what to do with it. Download it in PDF or PPT format or automate the monthly delivery of your report to the email addresses you want.

No tricks or gimmicks. Social media reports ready in 5 minutes.

Customize, download, automate.

Are you a fan of advanced reports? Utilize Metricool’s Looker Studio integration!

If this social media report is not enough for you, we have the solution. Use our Looker Studio connector to cross-reference your social media and advertising analytics with expanded data sources.