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One link to manage them all. We present Metricool SmartLinks

Why limit yourself to a single link? Connect your audience with your strategic content and make the most of the potential of your link in bio. Drive traffic to any website, social network or content. Increase sales, conversions and visits.

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Add links to all your posts

Social networks such as Instagram or TikTok only allow you to add a single clickable link to your profile. It is your opportunity to drive traffic to the link you want. With Metricool SmartLinks, you can add links to all your posts, TikTok videos, or Instagram images. Drive your followers wherever you want.

Add multiple
clickable buttons

Direct your audience to strategic content.

Create as many clickable buttons as you need, sort them by sections and lead your followers to content that generates conversion. Landings, forms, sales pages… You decide.

Create an authentic 100% customizable microsite

Customize your SmartLink 100%. Add your logo, change colors and create custom backgrounds. You can use one of our templates or create your own design from scratch. Easy and intuitive.

Customize the URL of your SmartLink, mtr.bio/yourname

Add a logo, name, and description

Customize the background, buttons and the grid of the images

Set as many buttons as you need and link your images, videos and posts

Copy your unique and personalized link and paste it in your social media bios, email signature or anywhere that allows you to click.

Create multiple links based on your goals and strategies

Do you have different strategies on each social network?

If you want to drive your social media followers to different places, you can create multiple SmartLinks with different objectives. Now is your chance.

Create, manage and analyze as many SmartLinks as you need. Optimize your strategy and redirect your audience to the key places to maximize conversion.

Divide and conquer!

Analyze and optimize your SmartLinks strategy

Analyze how your links, buttons, and clickable images work. Access the evolution of visits, organic clicks, or the click-through rate that each button or linked post receives.

Benefits of the Metricool SmartLink

Create clickable images or multiple links with buttons and establish the route for your audience to follow.

Link to any URL

Don’t limit yourself and redirect your followers to as many sites as you need.

Customize to your liking

Add your logo, design your own background and adapt the visual aspect of your SmartLink to you or your brand.

Include links in all your posts

Link any post, image or video to direct your followers wherever you want.

Analyze the performance

Measure how your links work, compare the CTR of your buttons and images and optimize your strategy.

Analyze, manage and grow your digital presence

Use Metricool on any device.

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