SmartLinks – Metricool’s Link-in-Bio Tool

Driving traffic to your website via social media just got easier.

Strategically move your audience to your website, blog, or other content through with a link-in-bio tool.

Social media is great for brand awareness, but as a business, at some point you have to sale.

If increased social media engagement isn’t translating into revenue, there’s a missing link in the chain.

Your content may be outstanding, but it’s not helping drive your audience to the sites where you generate business…it’s time to switch it up. 

You may wonder, how can I do that if…

  • Followers view your profile, consume content, and then leave?

  • There is only one link in the Instagram and TikTok bio, and you have to place all your bets on one card??

  • If some posts’ links and calls to action are transient and disappear?

The answer is simple…

Convert that one link into as many links as you want and lead your followers to any strategic place.

Create your Metricool account now and add as many SmartLinks as you need in your links in bio.

Links on all your Instagram posts, custom buttons with calls to action, and links to any clickable content.

Free forever. No trial period

Do you know why a link-in-bio tool can be so valuable?

Because SmartLinks are much more than a link in your bio: they are fully customizable URLs that can be added in any clickable location. 

With the configuration of one page, send your followers exactly where you want them.

  • 100% customizable.

  • Useful for any customer acquisition strategy.

  • Measurable, because what is not measured cannot be improved.

Increase the reach of each publication with extra resources

  • Create as many link-in-bio  pages as you need to adapt per social network.

  • Link any content: affiliate links, YouTube videos, courses, funnels, events, social media content…

  • Include customizable buttons with the call to action of your choice. 

  • Choose your design. You decide how your links will look.

  • Measure the results. Each link in bio shows how many clicks it received. 

One link for everything and everyone

  • Influencers

    who need to link promotions, offers or giveaways and measure results.

  • Media

    that update their news daily and need to link all their posts on Instagram.

  • Online Stores and Entrepreneurs

    that sell courses, products, or services and need to drive their followers to specific sales landings.

Wherever you can add a link, you can use SmartLinks.😉

  • Social Media
  • E-signature
  • WhatsApp
  • Chatbots

Give it a try and see.

Free forever. No trial period.