Metricool´s autolists: Automate your social networks

Laura Montells
18 December, 2018

What are autolists on social media? Discover here what are autolists and start creating Metricool autolists.

Social Media Management: knowing Metricool autolists

Autolists help you plan the content from your social networks in a more effective way, allowing you to focus your time on creating new contents or accomplishing other tasks.

Managing your Autolists properly will help you better organize the content you share on your social networks, attract more followers and increase the engagement and number of interactions.

Autolist Results: A study of Metricool Users

In order to demonstrate the efficiency of Autolists on the management of social networks, we’ve performed a small study with 100 Metricool users, 40 of which used the Autolists tool to schedule social media posts and social media management.

The study showed that those users who work with Autolists, spent a lower amount of time managing their social networks and more rapidly increased the number of followers and visitors to their blog.

If you’re a community manager or blogger, Autolists can definitely help you catapult your productivity.

How Autolists Work

An Autolist is a group of publications to be shared on different social networks. Content schedule for social media can be done with this so you can relax with the peace of mind that your social networks are well taken care of.

Let’s see how Autolists work in detail:


From Metricool’s control panel you can access Planning where you will find the Autolists option on the menu situated on the left.

Once you’re in, you can start filling in the fields that appear on the main page, for each Autolist you will have to add the following data:

⚡️ Name and configuration: Create a name that defines the content of your Autolist (periodic tweets, third party content, etc.).

⚡️ Repeat: This option makes Autolist work as a circular list: Once content is published, it’ll move automatically to the end and it’ll be reposted as soon as it reaches the top again. If you don’t activatethis option, your content will disappear from the list as soon as it is posted so it won’t be published repetitively.

⚡️ Shortener: When this button is on, it’ll automatically shorten your URL and you won’t need to use any other type of shortener. If you use this tool from Metricool, you will also obtain stats about the number of clicks on your links.

⚡️ Where to publish?: Share post on social media: select the social media channels where you want to simultaneously share your posts. You can also create an Autolist to manage one platform at a time. You can choose between Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook, separately selected, a combination or all three together.

⚡️ Timing: Schedule posts choosing your preferred days and time. We recommend that you previously check on Planning what is the best time to post on Facebook and Twitter. Add all the rows you need or choose several days concurrently.

⚡️ Autolist Content: In this section, you will add the posts that you want to include in the Autolist. You can do this in three ways, by adding manually each publication one by one, by uploading a CSV file or by attaching an RSS feed.

  • Manually: click on write new and write each publication that you want to contain this autolist.
    • Position: The number indicates the order in which the post will be shared across the different social networks. You can change the position by clicking on the number.
    • Camera: to add images or videos and animated GIFs.
    • Pause: On/off button to pause any active post in the Autolist. It’s a very useful option when it comes with seasonal posts. For example, content related to the Spring can be paused during the remaining seasons.
    • Trash: a button to delete the content that we don’t want to be published any longer.
social media management

  • Adding a CSV file: upload the CSV file with all the data of the publications that you want to be added to your autolist. Prepare a CSV file from excel with two columns: the first one with the text of the publication and the second one with the URL of the image you want to add, which is optional. You can configure the character that will be used as a separator between the two columns.
metricool autolists

  • Adding an RSS feed: an RSS feed is a file generated by some websites with the information that they have published. For example, Metricool RSS feed contains the blog posts of our website.This RSS is updated each time new content is published on the blog.To add this feed in the autolists, the first add the URL of the feed and click on search. If the file is correct, then, the next step requires to fill in the following fields:
    • Prefix: text that will go to the beginning of all the publications that your feed contains.
    • Suffix: text that will be placed at the end of each publication.
      At the end of the configuration process you have three options to choose from:
    • Include previous publications: if you click this option, The last content in the RSS will be included in the autolist along with future content. That is, if you don’t check this option, only new publications will be included.
    • Add desactivated publications: This means that all the publications will be included as deactivated to the list, so they will not be published on social networks unless they are activated manually
    • Add to the beginning of the autolist: if you check this option, the new RSS publications will be added to the beginning of the autolist. If you do not tick this option, they will be added by default at the end of it.
metricool autolists

From this main panel, you can see with a quick look which lists are active, whether they are circular or not and how many posts you have in each of them. Additionally, you can pause, activate or delete the list directly.

When you click on the name of one Autolist you can access its configuration again and the list of posts pending to be published. Pay attention now to the following image:

In Timing, you will see the initial schedule that you established for the list.  In the image above you can check how it is used. For example, the configuration (only for the Twitter channel) is as follows:

  • Monday and Friday at 11.26pm
  • Saturday and Sunday at 11.32am
  • Tuesday at 4.41pm
  • Wednesday at 3pm

More Efficient Ways of Social Media Management?

We have plenty of ideas to make the creation of your content for your Autolist seven easier.

For example: Schedule posts in an automated way for those posts that work best in your blog or find the most popular links amongst the people that you follow on Twitter. Find the best times to post on your social networks.

There is a long list of things that we can do for you. You might have your own ideas about how to get the most out of your Autolists, so we are all ears… 

Which capabilities would you prefer us to include first?

Laura Montells


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