Facebook Analytics and Management Tool 

What if growing on Facebook only took you 10 minutes a day?

With Metricool’s all-in-one tool, schedule and measure content, analyze competitors, reply to conversations, and manage and create Facebook Ads campaigns.


An online kit to manage Facebook and achieve your business goals

To centralize your social media management in one. 


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  • Schedule your posts, so they are always on time

  • Listen to your community and encourage engagement

  • Make informed decisions backed by data

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The hidden advantage? Metricool. 

And with us, add that extra flare to your Facebook strategy, so that you and your client are happy. 

These brands already know how to do it. How did they succeed on Facebook?

With three steps:

1. Tackling other tasks while content auto-publishes for you

Use Metricool to schedule all your posts. You can do it as you prefer: one by one, in bulk, or directly from Canva. 

Choose the day and time you want it to be published and… done! Your content will be posted when you set it up without having to worry about anything else.

2. Managing all messages and conversations from one place, without wasting time switching between apps.

Log into Metricool’s Inbox and control the comments you receive on your Facebook posts, and the latest DMs. Ensure nothing is left unanswered. 

Because responding to all conversations can be challenging but, you can give team members access to the inbox and ensure all comments are answered on time.

3. Making data-driven decisions to grow faster on Facebook

Last but not least, measure, measure, and keep measuring. Data is essential to know how your content performs, what your audience looks for, and how you can boost your profile to reach more people.

Take care of your business while social media works for you

Connect all your social media profiles to Metricool and use your time to take care of your business. In addition to Facebook, you can schedule, measure, and create reports for Instagram, TikTok, X, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitch, Google Business Profile, and online ad platforms.

Free Forever. No trial period.