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Sara Martín
16 June, 2020

With Metricool you can take several actions on your Facebook page or group as well as on your Facebook Ads strategy.

If you are interested in discovering how to save time and improve your strategy with Metricool, I will tell you everything about it and how to get the most out of our tool in this article. 

Manage your Facebook pages or groups

1- Plan the content of your page or group

We all know that keeping a social media account active is hard work. There are plenty of things you must do: Create quality content, publish everyday, reply to messages, etc. Here’s the type of content you can schedule:

  • Standard posts: Images, carousels and videos.
  • Reels: Short videos in portrait format from 4 to 60 seconds.

With Metricool you can plan your content ahead of time on a calendar so it will publish automatically when the moment comes. You won’t waste your time by having to post your content manually at different times and days.

Calendar and best times

Go to the Planning tab and then, Calendar (on the sidebar menu). On this screen you will be able to:

Plan your content

Write the posts that you want to share and select the days and times that you want to publish. This way, your content will be posted on the dates you have chosen and without having to do it manually.  

You have the option to: 

  • Drag the content on the calendar to other days and times
  • Duplicate posts that you want to publish more than once
  • Delete content that you finally don’t want to share on social media
  • Edit your posts
  • Choose a location for your post from the planner

Learn when the best time to publish is

Definitely, there are some hours and days that are best for you to share your content. However, it is not easy to know if you don’t have the right tool.

The best times to publish coincide with the period when most of your followers are connected to Facebook.

Metricool will offer this information on the calendar with different hues of blue: The darker, the more followers will be active on that time slot.

Publication history

Consult the history of all your publications posted from Metricool on each social network account that you have connected to Metricool. 

On this section, you have access to a summary to discover when and where you have shared your publications.


An autolist is a group of publications that you can share on different social networks. This content can be published periodically with the peace of mind that they will be taken care of.

⏩ Autolists will help plan your social media content in a faster way and save time to dedicate it to generate new quality content. 

You can set up your autolists in a way that your content is published the days you want, the times that your audience is active and the social networks you prefer. 

Plus, you can plan your content manually, in bulk through a CSV file or with an RSS feed. 

Analyze the performance of your strategy

With Metricool you can also analyze the performance of your strategy to draw your own conclusions. 

These are the metrics that you will find in the evolution section: 

Evolution of your community


Analyze all your posts on your Facebook page.

You can organize the table by the metrics that interests you the most and download it in a CSV file. You can also promote the posts with a better performance from this table directly.

Analyze your competitors from Metricool

With the competitor analysis feature you can compare your performance with the one of your competitors. Plus, you can download the analysis in a CSV file for further examination. Also, you can check the evolution of each competitor individually.

Add your competitor’s Facebook pages and extract information about their digital marketing strategy. 

Manage your campaigns on Facebook Ads 

With Metricool you can complete the whole process of creating a Facebook Ads campaign. You can create ads and also, monitor their performance.

Create Facebook Ads campaigns 

Go to the Ads tab and click on Create campaign. From this module, you can start creating your ads on Facebook easily.

Manage your Facebook campaigns

Apart from creating your ads, you can also manage them from the module Campaigns. 

You will see a table with all your campaigns from Facebook and Google Ads. There, you can filter by Facebook Ads platform and check the current status of each campaign. You will see if they are active, deleted or paused. From this table you can do some changes:

  • Increase or reduce the budget of each campaign.
  • Change the status.

Finally in the Evolution section, you can analyze the performance of your campaigns on Facebook Ads. 

On this section you will be able to:

  • Analyze the impressions, reach and spent relative to your campaigns.
  • Analyze the evolution of the number of clicks received on your campaigns.
  • You can review the performance of your Facebook Ads account:  CPM, CPC, CTR and total spent.
  • Plus, a table with all the information relative to each campaign.


You can download reports relative to the activity and results of your Facebook page or group and also the performance of your Facebook Ads account.

In the Evolution section, press the option Generate report and select the data that you want to appear in it. 

Finally, you can download the report in two formats: 

  • PDF
  • PPT

Also, you can set it up to receive this report every month in your email account. 

So, this is a summary of everything you can do with Metricool to carry out your Facebook marketing strategy. 

Do you have any question? We will read your comments. 

And if you want to learn more about Metricool and everything about what you can do with our tool:

Sara Martín

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