Manage Multiple TikTok Accounts

Does it take up too much of your time as a social media manager to manage multiple TikTok accounts? First way to manage multiple TikTok accounts: ▶️ Through the social network itself. From the platform, you can add several accounts and jump between them when you need...

How to Link WhatsApp to Facebook

Link WhatsApp to Facebook and add a new channel for your followers to contact you.

How to download a video from Facebook

Download Facebook videos from your page on any device or browser. You just have to copy the link, and that’s it. No need to register.

Facebook Fan Page Tips 

Have you optimized your Facebook Fan Page? … Are you sure? Check this check list to make sure your Facebook page meets all the requirements.

ALT text on social media with Metricool

Do you add ALT text to your social media posts? With Metricool, you can schedule your Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest content and add ALT text to make your posts more accessible.

How to Grow on Facebook in 2022

Note down these tips on how to grow on Facebook. They’ll give you more opportunities to grow your community and be successful on this social media platform.

Facebook Stories for your content strategy

Facebook Stories are similar to Instagram Stories. We’ve prepared a short guide to teach you all about them so you can start using them in your marketing strategy.

Learn How to Change Your LinkedIn Password

Your LinkedIn password gives you access to all the page’s functions or a user’s personal profile. Here you’ll learn how to change your LinkedIn password on a computer or the mobile app.

Create Facebook Ads reports with Metricool

Create Facebook Ads reports? You can do it with Metricool: download in one click the reports with all the metrics of your ads.

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