How to Post Instagram Stories from your Computer

Carlos Bravo
19 August, 2021

If you often use Instagram Web from your computer, you already know that you can’t upload any content, whether it is a story or a post.

There is a simple way to use the Instagram app on your computer just as if you were using your phone, and we are going to show you how.

This feature can prove useful for your Instagram profiles if you work on the computer. Find out how to post Instagram stories from the computer.

Find out How to Post on Instagram Story from PC

To add stories to your Instagram from your computer, you need a Google Chrome Web Extension. There are several that allow you to share stories, but in this case, we specifically recommend this one.

However, you can only use it from this browser. Find App for Instagram on the Chrome Web Store, and add it to your Chrome extensions to begin using it.

How to post Instagram stories from the extension

It is really simple, as this tool emulates the Instagram mobile app on the computer. To upload a story, you have to follow the same steps that you would on your smartphone.

Just in case, here you have how to do it!

1. Open the extension

When you click on the extension, a vertical window will pop up, just like it would appear on your mobile screen.

If you are logged in to Instagram Web, this is the account that opens automatically. To change the user, you have to close the session and log in again. You can do this from the web or from the extension.

How to Post Instagram Stories from your Computer

2. Click on your profile photo or on the camera icon

To upload a story to Instagram on the computer you can do it through your profile picture, or if you have not uploaded one you will see the ‘+’ symbol. You can also click on the camera icon that you have beneath the profile picture.

3. Choose your photo

Once your story is uploaded, the browser will open a window with your files, as if you were sharing a file just like normal.

Choose the image you would like to post. At the moment, you can only add a photo, not a video.

4. Edit and post

Despite it being more limited than the mobile version in terms of stickers, you can still edit the content to mention other users, add decorations or write whatever text you want.

Do you have your story just how you want it? Then click ‘Post’, and it will appear on your Instagram profile.

Is this extension really that useful? 

At Metricool we always suggest using the Instagram mobile app because it is set up to have everything you need to manage your profile.

However, we do also recommend having the App for Instagram Chrome extension, as it is free, does not take up much space, and can be useful in an emergency e.g. you don’t have mobile coverage, or you run out of battery.

Other ways to manage your Instagram: Instagram Web

If you’re not convinced about having Google Chrome extensions linked to your account, you can’t upload stories or posts to Instagram, as the web page doesn’t allow it.

However, you can still manage certain aspects of your Instagram account. 

How to Post Instagram Stories from your Computer

What you can and can’t do from Instagram web

Access private messages

From Instagram’s web version, you can respond to the private messages you receive, accept and decline message requests, see responses to stories and delete conversations.

React to stories

Just like you can respond to another user’s story or react to one directly, you can also do it from your computer thanks to Instagram Web. 

Send posts privately

If the account is public and allows it, you can share posts and stories from other accounts via private messages. Just as you would do from your phone.

Save posts

If there is a post that grabs your attention, you can save it to your saved collection, or you can create a new folder from the Instagram web version.

Interact with other accounts

The option to interact with other profiles is also available on Instagram Web. You can like posts, like comments, and comment on posts or videos.

You can also see all types of content: Reels, Stories, IGTV, etc.

Share content 

You can’t upload any type of content from your computer to the Instagram web platform: no stories, or posts, Reels, or IGTV videos.

Use Instagram Shopping

Instagram Shopping features are not available on the browser version. For this, you’ll need the app.

See multimedia messages in Vanish Mode

Something else you can’t see on Instagram Web is messages sent in Vanish Mode that are sent to you from a user directly, through a private message: these messages are images or videos that you can only see once.

Upon receiving one, you would only see something like this: “Vanish Mode: Use the Instagram app to view these messages”.

Sharing content on your Instagram profile is also possible to do it from your PC. 

If your Instagram account is usually buzzing, we recommend you to use the free Chrome extension to be able to post Instagram stories from desktop.

On the other hand, if you are just managing content or interacting with others, you can use Instagram web version.

It’s up to you!

Do you have any questions about how to post Instagram stories from the computer? Let us know in the comments.

Carlos Bravo


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