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Isabel Romero
15 May, 2021

You may have noticed one of the latest features: Instagram Reels.

➡️ If you have entered the photos app in the last few weeks, you will have seen new content that appears in the explore section: short videos that you can find when you click on the magnifying glass icon.

If you are not sure what I am talking about,  we have prepared this guide with everything you need to know about reels, are you interested?

Instagram Reels: What they are

If you have a TikTok account, the definition that you are going to read below will be familiar to you.

Instagram Reels are short videos that last just 30 seconds and with which you will uncover your most creative side: you can add your own effects, music or audios to create content.

As you can see, it is an extra feature for you to continue using the Instagram application.

Before we dive into how to upload the reels, we’ll tell you some things you should know about this new feature.

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The format of the videos can be vertical or horizontal

You can upload these types of videos in both vertical and horizontal formats. Of course, the ideal is to do it vertically, since it occupies the entire screen of the mobile device.

Although we will see later how to upload one to your Instagram, we anticipate that you do not need to record it from the app, you can have it in your files and upload it.

You can find reels in two different ways

The reels can be found in the explore section of your Instagram. In this section you can see the reel videos that Instagram shows you according to your interests.

If you want to check out the reels of a specific profile, you just have to enter their account and click on the ‘reels’ icon right next to the feed and videos.

Reels allow interaction

As in any type of Instagram publication, you can interact with reels: to like, comment, add to your story or send privately to another user as the main options.

Then, in the three-dot button at the bottom of the screen you can save the post, copy the link or share directly with other apps such as WhatsApp, Twitter or email.

Reels is a tool

Reels is currently just an extension to create content on Instagram.

It does not have a separate app to create the reels.

How can you record or upload your reels? Let’s have a look.

How to record Reels on Instagram

If you have reached this step, it means that you are really interested in sharing content for your Instagram profile with reels.

To upload the reels to Instagram you have two ways to do it: through the application itself or by recording your video externally.

How to record reels from the app

Get ready, you are going to record your first reels on Instagram and, as you will see, it is simple.

If you follow these steps you will have the reels published in your Instagram section.

  1. Enter the Instagram application and touch the ’ button as if you were going to share a Story.
  1. At the bottom of the screen, scroll through the different story options until you get to ‘reels’.
  1. In the left column you can choose the filter you want for your reels, the music, the recording speed or if you want to use a timer.
  1. Once all the elements have been chosen you can start recording.  As simple as touching the button in the center of the screen ‘‘ and holding down for the duration of the recording.
  1. When you have finished recording, two options will appear on the screen. An arrow to the left ‘‘, where you can shorten the video, and an arrow to the right ‘’ to download the reels on the mobile, add stickers, lines or texts.
  1. The next step will be to add a cover photo, which can be a moment of the video that you have recorded or an image that you have created and have on your mobile.
  1. Finally, add descriptive text to your reels, what the video is about, the related hashtags or mentioning other profiles that you want.
  1. Share it and wait for likes! 🙂

The music that you add to your reels should be in the Instagram audio library, where you will have the most used ones and a section to explore to find new melodies.

You can also upload reels with other audios or your own that you have previously created. Of course, you will have to record the video outside the application.

Be careful if you upload music from another creator, because Instagram can automatically change your description and add the author of it.

How to upload a video to Reels

If you already come with the video “recorded from home” and you have it stored on your mobile phone, uploading a reel is even easier.

➡️ The only step that changes is the first. Instead of holding down the record button, you must click on the button at the bottom left, “Gallery”, to access the videos stored on your mobile.

Then you just have to add text, stickers, cover photo and the text. In the same way that you would if you recorded it from the app.

If you want your reels to have more visits, you can also share it on your main feed, on the wall.

Thus, it will appear both in this feed and in your reels section and you will have a double way to reach Instagram users.

You can choose to share in the feeds before you upload it.

Now you know how to record your reels and continue creating content for your Instagram profile.

Why create Reels on Instagram

Right now that you are going to record your videos, a question comes to mind, is it really worth spending time creating reels?

The simple thing would be to say that it is useful because you are going to create content for your Instagram and that is always good.

However, we want to give you more reasons to include this feature with your Instagram content strategy.

How can you delete reels from Instagram? If there is content that you have published and you are not convinced, delete it without any problem.

It is a simple action, as it is the same as deleting any other Instagram publication.

Go to the post of reels that you want to delete, enter and tap the three points that you will find at the top right and touch delete. Your reel post will disappear.

You will reach new users

Every time Instagram announces a new feature, the number of app downloads and usage time increase. The numbers don’t lie, according to data from Influencer Marketing Hub, Instagram averaged 100 million active users a day after launching reels in India.

Users like the content that reels offer. And you, as a personal brand or as an online business, must have a presence to reach a larger audience.

You will generate interactions

Reels are short videos where the main purpose is being fun and carefree to entertain users. 

Sharing these types of videos will increase the number of interactions with your post: likes, comments, shares and saves. This will improve the presence of your profile on Instagram.

You will connect with your audience

This content is different from standard posts or stories, more fun, you will attract a new type of audience and you will be able to connect with your followers in another way.

If the tone of your brand allows it, you can show yourself to your followers in a different way than the usual content you share. Thus, you will strengthen their commitment to your profile and maintain a great community.

You already have several reasons to incorporate reels into your content strategy. You just have to start recording your reels.

What kind of videos can you record for reels?

Reels: content ideas

As we have mentioned before, the reels are videos in a humorous and carefree tone, to have a good time both for those who record the content and for the viewers.

Here we propose some ideas for your Instagram reels.

Trendy Dances

It’s a fact: If a user records himself dancing, the video has good chances of going viral and everyone will want to do the same. Also, if the song is current, the impact of the reel can be even higher.

Dances are viral content, entertaining and normally get many interactions. They highlight the friendliness and daring of the brand. If your followers see that you dare with everything, you will increase their commitment to your account and improve interactions.

Show the products that you sell

Although you only have 30 seconds of time for your reels, the possibilities are interesting for your online business.

One of them is to show the products you sell, especially if it is clothes, where users can see how they fit. You can also take advantage of it and include it in your Instagram store or bring traffic to your website with the link in the bio.

Food recipes

This type of content is common on Instagram, both in stories and in standard publications.

In reels you can share quick recipes for breakfasts, snacks or dinners that your followers will appreciate. You have little time so it is ideal that you focus on what is important in the recipe and in the description add the ingredients and the instructions.

Viral challenges

Challenges are a classic on Instagram. So much so that the application has even created a category of stickers in stories to share them.

And reels are not far behind. Dance challenges, doing strange poses, impossible jumps, among others, have become a great option thanks to the editing possibilities.

These are just a few ideas you can use to create content based on the tone of your brand or your business sector.

In any case, if one day you wake up with a shortage of ideas, you just have to take a tour of the reels section and be inspired by the content that other users have created.

Remember to keep your profile open to the public to reach more users and appear in the explore section of Instagram.

If you keep it open to any user, you will get more interactions, comments, and allow everyone to share your reels.

Now you have everything you need to start with reels on your Instagram and if you want to expand knowledge.

What are you waiting for?

Isabel Romero


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