Instagram’s Longer Reel Uploads

02 April 2024

Instagram has launched another feature for Reels. They have decided to allow users to upload a Reel up to 90 seconds long. With TikTok and Instagram Reels being very similar, I think we all saw this update coming since TikTok allows for this option as well. So it makes sense that Instagram is following suit. But let’s dive deeper into these longer Reel options, shall we?

Why Did Instagram Launch Longer Reels?

Instagram is no stranger to longer-form video content. Back in 2018, the app released IGTV where users could upload videos that were longer than 60-seconds. IGTV only ended up lasting until October 2021, shortly after IG Reels were introduced. Reels are now the app’s way of sharing video content.

We think that longer-form videos are making a comeback! We can see that users on TikTok are creating more expansive videos to capture more content.

How to Make Longer Reels on Instagram

To make longer reels on Instagram all you have to do is choose from the length option before filming:

  • Open Instagram
  • Click the + and scroll to the ‘Reel’ option
  • On the left side locate ‘Length’
  • Choose from 15, 30, 60, or 90

Longer Reels on Instagram allows users to provide their audience with more information, easier storytelling, and much more. If you post longer Instagram reels how do they perform for you?

For a full guide on how to best utilize Instagram Reels, you will want to take a look at our Instagram Reels Guide linked below:

Robert Catoir Robert Catoir , 02 April 2024
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