TikTok Ban Update

25 April 2024

Odds are that you have heard the words TikTok ban within the last few months. This is because a bill including the deadline of TikTok’s parent company known as Bytedance to pass on their power to a United States company within 9 months or experience a ban in the U.S. 

The reason for this ban is that many had concerns about the Chinese government being able to access user’s private information through the app. 

This bill was passed through the House of Representatives as well as the Senate which brings us up to speed to today where it has now landed on President Joe Bidens desk. This seems like a done deal, due to the fact that President Biden already said that he would sign the bill. 

What is Next for TikTok? 

Congress passed the bill that President Biden signed into law to ban TikTok in the United States. Instead of the initial bill that stated ByteDance only has 6 months to choose to divest the company or ban the app in the U.S., they now have 9 months. On top of this, the President will have the option to add one 90-day extension to that deadline. 

After this time is out, ByteDance can choose to sell or choose to be banned entirely in the United States. 

The CEO of TikTok came out with a video to explain his side of things. See below for his video response: 

Roughly 170 million people in the United States use TikTok.This number equates to half of the U.S. population. That is a huge number who will no longer be able to create, learn, inspire, and be entertained by the app if this ban occurs. 

Do we believe that TikTok poses a threat to our information? Do you believe this ban is valid? What do you think about this very interesting and pressing news? 

Let us know! 

sophie sophie , 25 April 2024

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