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Metricool’s objective is to make your life as a social media manager easier when managing, measuring, and scheduling your social media content.

Saving time is easy with Metricool. Every month, the tool adds new features to make that possible. You will be able to focus on other tasks in your business.

Here you can see the latest news and improvements on the Metricool tool to keep you always abreast and be among the first to try every new update that we present.

Social Media Research Study 2022: Instagram

Social Media Research Study 2022: Instagram

How professionals, content creators, and brand accounts use Instagram.Study based on 185,671 professional Instagram accounts, 1,856,089 feed posts, 6,761,264 stories and 279,479 reels.Metricool's annual Instagram 2022 study is here. The meeting point for marketers,...

Metricool two-step authentication

Metricool two-step authentication

In Metricool, we want you to feel secure when handling your or your clients’ data and information. Therefore, we have added two-factor authentication to our tool to improve security in accessing your account.

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