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Metricool unifies the data from your web, social networks and online ads in easy-to-understand panels that you can use daily to make better decisions.


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Connect everything and start measuring your strategy

Connect your web or blog

Analyze your inbound marketing strategy through simplified metrics about traffic to your web: visits, best posts, comments, sources and countries.

Connect your social networks

Obtain detailed analytics about your community growth on social networks and how your posts perform on each of them.

Analyze your campaigns

Obtain simplified and useful analytics about the performance of your campaigns on Google Ads and Facebook Ads in only one place.

Analyze your competitors

Monitor the actions and growth of your competitors on social media to find inspiration and improve your strategy.


Connect your web or blog and extract all the analytics

Extract the analytics related to your web or blog and improve your strategy based on the data.

Track the evolution of your visits

Learn how your web page is evolving, its traffic and the most seen pages or posts.

Know the traffic sources

Analyze which pages work best and which countries or websites your visitors come from.

Analyze your web in real time

In the Real Time section, check your web analytics in the moment.


All your Facebook page or group analytics

Track the daily evolution of your Facebook page or group and the effect of your posts on its growth. Get your audience’s demographic data and review the stats related to the impact of each post.

Monitor the evolution

Track the evolution of your community on Facebook with easy-to-understand graphs

Promote your posts

Boost the results of your posts with only one click

Download any table to CSV

Download previous publications and all their related data


Analyze your Instagram metrics

Finally you can know about your Instagram community and how it evolves, also keep unlimited storage of all of your publications and related metrics.

Any type of account

Connect any type of account: Business, Creator, Personal

Your stories analytics

Keep historical data of your stories and their metrics

Hashtags analytics

Analyze which hashtags are best for your content


Don’t miss any details about your community in the most real-time social network

Do you really know how your tweets work? Sort and know the impressions, answers and interactions of all your tweets. Get to know the real engagement of your content, for both organic and promoted tweets.


Also access your
LinkedIn Page data

Attract talent towards your brand or customers if you have a B2B business, keeping an active and optimized presence on LinkedIn.


Analyze your video content and maximize YouTube’s potential

Get to know your subscribers and follow the progress of your channel. Monitor the evolution of your videos, the generated revenue and the engagement of your audience. Create reports and observe what your competitors are up to.

Analyze YouTube


No livestream unnoticed

Observe the evolution of your audience, how your views grow and what your competitors are doing. Analyze your channel, create reports and improve your strategy.


Conquer the map with analytics for Google My Business

Monitor how your customer value your local business and how photos or videos generate more views of your brand


Don’t miss out on any Google review that your local business receives

Posts, photos and videos

Check stats about your photos and videos


Learn how your competitors grow

Keep track of how the competition use their evolution graphs to inspire and tune up your strategies. You can analyze your competitors on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Twitch and YouTube.

Competitors in all your networks

Monitor your competitors’ accounts on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

Know your evolution graph

Unwrap your growth information by day and metric

Analyze your Instagram hashtags

Combine your competitive analysis with the discovery of hashtags


Visualize and optimize your investment in advertisement on Google Ads, Facebook Ads and TikTok Ads

Analyze the performance of your campaigns on Facebook Ads, TikTok Ads and Google Ads also from Metricool. Everything in one place so you don’t miss the whole picture.

We are Google Premier Partner!

Metricool helps you to optimize your ads by letting you access Google data

Create your Google Ads account

If Google Ads seems too complicated for you, do everything from Metricool

Use Metricool for free from any device

Other advantages that you shouldn’t miss.

Metrics Storage

Metricool saves all the statistical data of your digital presence for you

Download any table in CSV

Export your data in a CSV file to analyze, cross-check or share them

Unlimited historical data

With the Premium version, you can come back to your data forever

Download your Instagram posts

Download a backup of all your publications to be able to reuse them

Filtering by date

Analyzing what happened one or two years ago is possible thanks to Metricool