Metrics matter

We unify the data from your website, social networks, and online ads so you can make informed decisions.



Metrics matter

We unify the data from your website, social networks, and online ads so you can make informed decisions.


Companies we work with:

 Measure all of your online marketing efforts

Connect your website

Analyze your website traffic with data on: Visits, sources, countries, and comments.

Connect your social networks

See detailed data on your overall growth and the performance of individual posts across social networks.

Analyze your campaigns

Get useful analytics about your ad performance on Google in one place.

Research your competitors

Monitor the actions and growth of your competitors on social media to improve your strategy.


Connect your website

Pull the analytics related to your website to improve your strategy.

Track your visits over time

See how your website traffic is changing and what the most visited pages are.

Discover your traffic sources

Analyze which pages attract the most viewers and where they are coming from.

Analyze your website in real time

In the Real Time section, look at your current website analytics.


See your Facebook page or group data

Track the evolution of your Facebook page or group and the effect of each post. See your audience’s demographic data and the stats behind every post.

Monitor the evolution

See the changes of your Facebook community with easy-to-understand graphs.

Promote your posts

Boost your posts with one click.

Download any table to CSV

Download previous posts and the related data in one file.


Analyze your Instagram metrics

Learn about your Instagram community and see how it evolves. Plus, get unlimited storage of all of your posts and their metrics.

Link any type of account

Connect any account type: Business, Creator, or Personal.

Monitor hashtag analytics

Analyze which hashtags are performing best for your content.

See data from your Stories and Reels

Keep historical data of your stories and their metrics.


Stay up-to-date on your Twitter

Discover the impressions and interactions of all your organic and promoted tweets.


Access your LinkedIn
page data

Attract talent to your brand or inform your customers with an active page on LinkedIn.


Analyze the performance of your pins and boards

How many impressions do you get? Interactions? Saves and clicks? Now you can measure all these metrics to keep track of your Pinterest strategy

Analiza YouTube
Analiza YouTube


TikTok now on Metricool

Compare how viral your TikToks get. Analyze the evolution of your views, comment, likes, shares…

Analiza YouTube


Analyze your video content on YouTube

Get to know your subscribers and follow the progress of your channel. Monitor the revenue videos have generated and the engagement of your audience. Create reports and observe what your competitors are doing.


No Twitch livestream unnoticed

Observe your audience growth, how your views change, and what your competitors are doing. Analyze your channel, create reports and improve your strategy.


Conquer the map with data for Google My Business

Monitor how customers value your local business and how photos or videos generate more views.


Check out any Google review that your local business receives.

Posts, photos, and videos

Look at the stats behind your photos and videos.


Learn about your competitors

Keep track of how the competition is doing. Analyze your competitors on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Twitch, and YouTube.

Monitor competitors across networks

See what your competitors’ social media strategies are.

Know your own data

Compare your account’s growth by day and metric.

Analyze your Instagram hashtags

Combine your competitive analysis with the discovery of new hashtags to grow your audience.


Optimize your investment on Google ads, Facebook Ads and TikTok Ads

Analyze the performance of your campaigns on Google Ads, Facebook Ads and TikTok Ads in one place so you can see the holistic picture.

We are a Google Premier Partner

Let us help you optimize your ads by giving you access to Google’s data.

Create your Google Ads account

Set up and run your Google Ads account through our platform.

Other notable features:

Data storage

Metricool saves all of the analytics related to your digital presence.

Download any table in CSV

Export your data to a CSV file to analyze, cross-check, or share information.

Filter by date

Analyze what happened years ago to inform your strategy.

Download your Instagram posts

Download a backup of all your posts.

Unlimited historical data

With our Premium version, come back to your data anytime.

Analyze, manage and grow your digital presence

Use Metricool on any device.

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