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Having that “aha” moment with your social media metrics is powerful.

Drowning in a sea of manual data collection? Not so much.

Reach, interactions, comments, engagement, performance, number of followers, views …. Data, data, data… And think about collecting this information for each individual network, bring out the tissues.

Social media managers wear multiple hats, but at what cost? You only have 24 hours in a day to grasp this tangle of data, draw conclusions, adapt your strategy and, of course, sleep.

You need Cinderella’s fairy godmother, more hours in a day, or Marie Kondo to organize your data.

No need for drama.

All you need is a social media analytics tool with easy-to-understand data, in one place.

  • With on-demand analytics, you can spend that extra time creating content, engaging with your community, and brainstorming your next campaign.

  • Quickly understand your content’s performance, so you can replicate what your audience seeks out most.

  • Jumping between social media profiles and platforms to collect unified data is a slow process, and unnecessary!

Create your free Metricool account for automated and centralized social media analytics, extracted from your profiles in a matter of minutes.

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The 3-step system for measuring and transforming data into actions: measure, apply and improve your online presence.

Access these insights…

  • Web/Blog

    Analyze your visitors, where they come from, where they go, how they behave, and what they do in real time.

  • Online Advertising

    Research the performance of your Facebook Ads, Google Ads and TikTok Ads campaigns.

  • All social media profiles

    And all the data from your social networks. So you can get your analytics in one place.

  • Competitors

    Analyze your competitors or influencers to spy on their performance on social media.

  • Streaming Channels

    Your YouTube and Twitch data is available to analyze your videos.

  • Google Business Profile

    How your listing evolves in Google and what visits you receive.



  • Create reports in 5 minutes

    Choose the data you want to add, customize the design and download it in PDF or PPT.

  • Unlimited historical data

    Compare and measure the evolution of your channels in the period of your choice.

  • Export Tables in CSV

    Break it down for further analysis.

  • Sort by metrics

    Analyze your content based on the most relevant metric for your strategy.

  • Work in a team

    Give your team members or clients access to view all data.

How often?

Draw conclusions about what works, so you can continue to improve your strategy. Apply changes, measure again, rinse, and repeat.

And if advanced analytics is your thing…

Metricoolโ€™s Google Looker Studio is the answer. Hundreds of data sources in a single connector to enjoy like a child with a new toy.