TikTok Analytics and Management Tool

The springboard your brand needs to succeed on TikTok

A calendar to organize your strategy, a planner to schedule and auto-publish your videos, a hashtag generator, analytics to measure your results, and a customizable link-in-bio page. What else could you ask for?

Authorized tool by TikTok

If only leaving your mark on TikTok were a matter of joining a trend and recording a fun video.

Then, we would all be professional TikTokers, and yet we are not:

  • Because what works for others on TikTok may not work for you.

  • Because the secret of TikTok is to create content that you can position for your customers’ searches.

  • Because TikTok not only has a lot of dance moves, but tons of fun.

And, it’s true: there are hundreds of tools out there that you could rely on.

To find hashtags, measure results, edit, schedule, analyze ads’ performance, track your community’s evolution… To infinity and beyond.

Can you imagine the amount of time and chaos involved in switching from one tool to another? Maybe you’ve already suffered through it.

What if we told you that you could have a single tool to manage everything you need to do on TikTok, without paying or subscribing to a thousand tools?

Tadah! It couldn’t be any easier:

Create your free Metricool account to calmly and securely manage all of your TikTok marketing actions in one place. 

You don’t need the music of the moment to grow on TikTok, you need to:

  • Identify what drives and inspires your followers

  • Be consistent with your content and communication

  • Create a content schedule and time-management processes

Information is power
  • What kind of videos work best:

    long, short, talking to camera, trending sounds? In 5 seconds, you will have the answer to draw valuable conclusions.

  • Is my community growing, and which content attracts a larger audience?

    At a glance see the increase of followers per video, the origin of your audience, and the impact your content has on your community.

  • Does TikTok advertising really work?

    From the Metricool dashboard, review your ad campaign to know which strategies to replicate or remove. 

Don’t leave for tomorrow, what can be scheduled today
  • Plan and schedule a month’s worth of videos and images in a matter of hours.

    Schedule your recorded content, and leave it to us to auto-publish content for you, to focus on other tasks. 

  • Act anywhere, in any situation.

    A-ha moments and last-minute changes are inevitable. That’s why you have the Metricool app on your phone, so you always have your management hub with you.

  • Add hashtags that can help you grow faster with one click.

    Because TikTok works as a search engine, easily finding the right hashtags is a “must”.

Think big and optimize your efforts
  • Drive your followers to strategic content.

    Leverage the single clickable link in the bio and use SmartLinks to direct users to multiple destinations.

  • Create performance reports in 5 minutes or less.

    Save time and gain more customers, with the necessary data to drive your decisions. 

  • Bring all your metrics to Looker Studio. 

    For advanced analytics.

  • Work as a team and customize roles to fit your processes.

    Go further as a team with pre-set and customizable roles. Invite your coworkers and clients to analyze, edit, or review content.


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