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Keep your presence and that of your brand active on LinkedIn

Become visible on LinkedIn, make new contacts and reach more people with your publications. The opportunity to enhance your presence on LinkedIn even when you don’t have spare time. Do social selling, gain notoriety and find new collaboration or employment opportunities.

 We help big corporations:


Program and plan your posts on LinkedIn

Improve your presence on LinkedIn and save time planning and programming your content, either your personal or company account.

Plan in advance your LinkedIn content and create an editorial plan. If you don’t have time to publish on LinkedIn daily, plan your content and Metricool will publish for you.


Automatic URL shortener that registers analytics


You can check how the publication will be displayed before it is posted

Automate publications to spend more time generating new content

Generate automated content lists for LinkedIn. With the frequency that you choose and let autolists do the job for you. Gain visibility effortlessly.

Use RSS feeds

Import publications from your blog or another web with RSS feed

Add content via CSV

You can also use CSV files to import content

Never run out of publications

If you want to, Metricool will start again from the top of the list once it has ended

Obtain stats about your brand presence

Community Data

Analyze how the community of your LinkedIn followers is evolving and observe if your marketing strategy is improving the growth.


Obtain the engagement and reach data of your publications. Discover which posts have a better performance.

Video Metrics

Your posts with videos are also measured with Metricool. Analyze the views and time watched of all your audiovisual content.


Generate periodic reports for your team or customers with the results of your marketing strategy and the information of your community. Reports in PDF or PPT with a stunning design.

Manage several LinkedIn personal or company accounts from one place

Does your daily work consist of managing LinkedIn profiles and company pages? Metricool will help you from its own platform. Manage multiple profiles or company pages easily.

Analyze, manage and grow your digital presence

Use Metricool on any device.

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