Take your social media data to Google Data Studio

Create the reports you’ve always wanted. Add data from Instagram, Google My Business, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube and all your accounts connected to Metricool and present complete reports combining data from all your social channels..



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Boost your Data Studio reports with all your social media data

More than 25 data sources

Import data from Facebook, Facebook Ads, Instagram, Google My Business, LinkedIn or Twitch into Data Studio. All available in a single connector.

Multiple reports and multiple data sources

The Data Studio connector is associated with your Metricool account through your API Key and allows you to import as many brands and social networks as you have connected with Metricool to Data Studio.

Custom reports with multiple sources

Create personalized and comprehensive reports combining data from the standard Data Studio connectors and social media data provided by Metricool in the same report.

Available on TEAM plans

Import all your brands and social networks to Data Studio with unlimited access for any TEAM plan.


More than 25 different data sources with Metricool’s connector

Include information from your most important social channels to your Google Data Studio reports. All the social networks that you can connect with Metricool are available along with all the different types of data such as evolution metrics or the detailed tables associated with each channel.

Facebook & Fb Ads

Evolution and detailed data related to posts, campaigns and ads.


Evolution data and historical detail of both posts and stories.

Google My Business

Evolution data, results and details of photos, posts and reviews.

More social networks and sources

Evolution of a LinkedIn page and Twitter. Plus, TikTok Ads and Twitch.


Create multiple reports with as many social data sources as you need

The Data Studio connector connects to your Metricool account. Access the data of all the social networks and all the brands that you have connected to your account. All the information that you can see in Metricool can be imported into your Data Studio reports.

1. Connect with your API Key

Associate your Data Studio account with your Metricool account through your Metricool API Key.

2. Create data sources

Create new data sources by selecting the brand, network and type of data you want to import.

3. Add more sources and create dashboards

Add more data sources to build reports that bring together data from multiple sources.


Now it is possible, create custom reports that combine data from multiple sources with Metricool’s Data studio connector

It combines the power of the standard Data Studio connectors with the data provided by Metricool’s connector to create comprehensive and fully customized reports.

Enjoy all the features of the Data Studio connector, without limitations, with any TEAM plan

15-day free trial for new users

Click here to install the connector to your Data Studio account

Try now Metricool’s Data Studio connector

You’ll need a Metricool TEAM plan. Try a 15 day trial. Once you’ve registerred, connect all your social media with Metricool. Then click here to install our Data Studio connector to your account. Lastly, follow the assistant to create as many data sources as you wish.

Other extra advantages of the
Metricool connector from Data Studio

Historical data of your account

Check custom periods in Data Studio that access all the history of your account

Your reports, your language

Build reports that speak the language of your client and that reflect your brand identity

Automated periodical delivery

Automatically send reports thanks to the native Google Data Studio feature

With Metricool you can obtain personalized reports from your social networks, now with Metricool’s connector of Data Studio you can also use this data and compare it with other types of sources. A step forward to advance with the measurement and analytics of your projects.

Need assistance with the Data Studio connector?

Our support team is available to help you solve any questions regarding the Data Studio connector.


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