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Instagram has become one of the most popular social networks with about 800 million users around the world.

✅ Thousands of people have Instagram personal profiles for entertainment, being in touch with other people, discovering what celebrities do, and a long etcetera.

✅ Also, thousands of companies have their own Instagram accounts to get more visibility and develop their digital marketing strategies.

With Instagram’s growth and the different uses that this social platform has, it is very important to analyze the performance of the content shared on this platform, generate reports with all the relevant information and plan the content… here is where Metricool comes into play. 

With this article, I will tell you everything you need to know about what Metricool is and what it can do for you and your Instagram digital strategy.

What Metricool is

Metricool is a digital tool to help you manage your digital content and analyze the performance of your content and strategies.

✅ Visits and metrics for your website or blog.

✅ Performance of your content and success of your social media strategies. 

✅ Creation, management and analysis of your online ads on Google and Facebook.

With this post, I will focus on how Metricool can help you improve your strategy on Instagram. Pay attention because you will learn everything about it here.

Instagram with Metricool: features

First of all, you must connect your profesional account to Metricool to get started. 

Analyze the performance of your Instagram

Within Metricool, you will find a section called Evolution, the first tab at the top.

On this screen, you can review all the main metrics related to your Instagram account divided into three sections: Community, Posts and Stories.

Also, at the end of the evolution section, you will be able to analyze how your competitors are performing.

➡️ Community metrics

In this first section, you can check your analytics related to the growth and evolution of your Instagram account. 


On this first graph you can check the evolution of your Instagram followers across time.

You will discover if your strategy is working and whether your community likes the content you share or not. You will gather very interesting information and draw valuable conclusions:

  • Evolution of your followers, if it is continuous growth that means that your strategy is working. That is, followers like the content you share and everyday more people are showing interest in your content. If the evolution is declining, then you should analyze why this is happening. 
  • The evolution of your followers in relation to your posts: Do you gain followers when you share posts or vice versa? Analyze the behavior of new followers in relation to the frequency of your posts, it will help you decide the focus of your publications in the next months.

Followers Balance

Apart from learning about the evolution of your followers, you can check the balance of followers gained or lost on your Instagram account each day.

You can check on this graph how many new followers you have gained everyday. This information can be very useful if share with different types of formats: 

  • Live Videos 
  • Stories 
  • Posts

Did you gain more followers the day that you uploaded several stories? If the answer is yes, it might be a good idea to include more stories in your content strategy.

Gender and age

The third graph collects information about the gender and age of your Instagram community. 

Do you know your Instagram Community well? Do you know your target audience?

With this information you will discover the type of audience interested in your Instagram profile so you can adapt your strategy to this target.

Followers by country and city

The same question as before, do you know your followers well? That is, which countries and cities they are from. This is priceless info that will help you manage your content too. 

If there is a high percentage of users from the USA, it would be recommended to publish in english and spanish, right?


Information about your Instagram profile that is very useful too…

  • Impressions
  • Reach
  • Profile views
  • Clics on your link in the bio
  • Posts

On this graph you can also draw valuable information about your link in the bio for example. If the curve has declined, you could changed the CTA to make it more attractive to users. What do you think?

Another example would be, if your reach and profile views are increasing, that means that your content is succeeding. 

➡️ Instagram posts analysis

In this section, you will find all the insights related to your Instagram posts.


With this data you will find out the type of content that works better and which ones don’t have the impact that you expected. For instance, you might notice that videos perform better or carousels receive more likes from your audience than a different format.

You can carry out a thorough analysis to redirect your strategy and focus on the content that got better results and delete those publications with fewer interactions.

List of posts

In the next chart you will see a list with all the posts published in the period selected with the most relevant metrics. This will also help you to make informed decisions about what direction your strategy should take and where to focus on.

You can download this table in a CSV file for further examination and you can organize the table by the the metric that you consider more relevant for your strategy. 


Next, you will see a table with the hashtags that you have used, that is on how many publications you used them, the likes that those publications received and also the comments. 

This table lets you get more information about your publication and the hashtags that you have used strategically. 

Bear in mind that hashtags can change the impact of your publications so you should analyze them carefully and get the most out of them to optimize the performance of your content.

➡️ Stories

Instagram stories are another important part of your strategy.

In this section you can see a graph with the evolution of the reach and impressions in relation to the stories published in the period selected. Plus, a table with all the stories and the main metrics. This will allow you to discover which stories your followers liked the most.

  • Questions and Answers?
  • Surveys?
  • Stories about a specific product?

Dive into all this information and improve your Instagram strategy.

Remember, that you can download all the tables in the evolution section in a CSV file.

➡️ Competitors

At the end, you can add your competitors to observe the most relevant data and to understand how they are performing and their impact on Instagram.  If you tap on the arrow next to each competitor, you can  get even more detailed information about their growth, interactions, posts published and hashtags used. 

So, all this information will help you get a good general idea of how your strategy is doing, which areas need to be improved and which changes you can implement to keep up with your competitors and ultimately leave them behind.

Plan your Instagram content with Metricool

With Metricool, you can also plan your content and discover when it is best for you to upload your publications by looking at the calendar.

Calendar and best hours

Under the planning tab, you will see a sidebar menu and the calendar.

On this calendar, you can plan your content for your social networks, not just for Instagram. This way you can leave all your content planned and up to date. 

You will also discover the best hours on this calendar. If you click on the Instagram icon next to “Best Time On” you will see different shades of pink. A darker hue means that at that time your followers are more active on Instagram, that is, it indicates that your chances of getting more impressions on your posts are higher. 

From Metricool, you can plan your Instagram content but it won’t be published automatically. (this differs from the other social networks where the publications from Metricool are automatic). There are two options to publish Instagram content with Metricool.

  • Metricool can send you the content that you want to share to your email address. 
  • If you have downloaded Metricool’s app on your phone, you can set it up to receive push notifications to your device. 

Planner History

On the left sidebar menu, you will see ‘History’. Here you can check all your publications planned from Metricool on all the social networks. 

Plan your content automatically with autolists

An autolist is a group of publications that you can share on different social networks. This content can be programmed periodically so you can relax with the peace of mind that your social networks are well taken care of.

⏩ Autolist lets you plan your content on social networks faster giving you more time to focus on creating new content. 

You can configure the days of the week and time that you want your autolists to be published. Plus, on which social networks you want them to be posted.

You can upload posts to an autolist manually, through a CSV file or with an RSS Feed.

Add multiple links to your bio

If you frequently use Instagram you must already know that Instagram only allows one clickable link, the one in the bio. 

This is a downside for those companies that want to drive their followers to their products, services, etc.

With Metricool you can add a link to each of your publications and also, add multiple buttons to drive users to any page. Put simply, you have to copy the link that Metricool provides and paste it in your link in bio on your Instagram account. Then, when your follower clicks that link they will see all your clickable posts and buttons. 

Manage your comments

On the upper menu, you will see the tab called Real Time. When you go there, on the sidebar menu go to Messages where you can manage comments and messages from the different social networks. 

So, apart from planning and analyzing your Instagram strategy and adding links to your publications on Instagram, you can manage all the comments received on your publications. 

The advantage of this feature, is that you can do everything from Metricol, you don’t need to enter your Instagram account to reply to all your comments. You have everything in the same platform. 

Monitor a hashtag on Instagram

Under the Real Time section, you can click the option Hashtag Tracker. With this feature you can monitor your Instagram hashtags and gather valuable information:

  • How many publications have been published with your hashtag
  • The type of publications
  • The impact of your hashtag on Instagram 
  • When it has been used more and when less

Create Instagram Ads

From Metricool you can create and manage your Instagram ads. You will find it in the last tab that I haven’t mentioned yet: Ads.

Under this tab, you will see several sections on the left side menu where you can manage your campaigns from Google, Facebook and Instagram.

Today we are focusing on Instagram, and for that you can check two sections:

  • Campaigns: Here you can analyze the performance of your Facebook Ads campaigns (you can check Google Ads too) and manage them directly from the chart. You can change the status of a campaign or even modify the daily budget depending on the results of each campaign. 
  • Create Campaigns: On this section you can create your ads on Instagram, Facebook and Google. The process is quite simple, simply follow the steps on each screen and fill out all the information requested. 

Download reports about your Instagram Strategy

With the Premium version you can download reports with the following information:

  • Metrics about the Evolution of your Instagram account
  • Information about the performance of your campaigns on Facebook Ads for Instagram

Also, if you have tracked a hashtag on Instagram, you can download all the information in a report once the event has finished.

You can choose the period of time that you want to analyze on your reports, one month, trimester, etc. This will help you to understand what is working or not in your strategy.

So, these are all the things you can accomplish on Instagram with Metricool’s help. If you are interested and want to try out our tool, click this link:

➡️ Try Metricool for free ⬅️

If you want to learn more about other Metricool features that can help you carry out your digital marketing strategy, check out this article to discover what Metricool can do for your:


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