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What would you do with 4, 8 or 12 more hours each day?

Increase your customers? Get more work done with the clients you already have? Maybe something as revolutionary as…. getting more rest? 🤭

When the culprit of missing hours every day is social media management (planning, posting, replying, measuring results, creating reports… help!) the only way to save time, energy and resources is:

One for all and all in one

A single tool for all social media tasks: for everyone, whatever your skills, knowledge, and resources.

Because we believe that all people, businesses, and companies, no matter their size or budget, deserve to have a prominent place in the digital world in order to connect with their audiences and make their goals a reality.

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  • Schedule month’s worth of content
  • Select the best hours and hashtags
  • Approve the scheduled content
  • Measure your results with intuitive graphs
  • Reply to comments from one place
  • Analyze your competitors
  • Analyze and choose the right influencer
  • Link your strategic content
  • Create visual reports in 5 minutes

Drag & drop, just like that.

Increase reach and beat the algorithm.

Optimize approval workflows with your clients.

Only the relevant data.

ALWAYS answer.
Be social, my friend.

What works for them and their weaknesses.

Don’t be fooled.

SmartLinks to drive more traffic.

Time is money and reports a cinch.

Free forever. No trial period.

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We help professionals increase their digital visibility in all these networks, and connect with their audience in a simple, time-efficient way.

The most important takeaway for them is

You’ll never walk alone

We take customer support seriously – isn’t that how it should always be?

Even the simplest tools can generate doubts. So, when you’re struggling with a task, whistle! We will help you personally, without predetermined pages or canned messages.

Because we don’t know everything either, and we keep learning every day.

Can I cancel my paid subscription at any time?

Yes. You can cancel your plan at any time. You can continue to enjoy your payment plan until the end of the current billing cycle. Once it is terminated, your account will become free.

Can the plan be extended at any time?

If you want to upgrade your plan, you can do so anytime. The paid and unused portion of the previous plan will be deducted from the price of the new plan.

Can the subscribed plan be reduced?

If you need to change to a lower plan, you can make the changes at any time and it will be effective at the end of the currrently contracted plan.

Where can I download my invoices?

Invoices are automatically generated once payment by card or PayPal has been made. They can be downloaded from your account settings. It can also be set up to automatically, so you receive them in your email.

What is a brand in Metricool?

Each brand in Metricool represents a business, brand or customer. In each brand, you can manage 1 profile of each social network or ad platform.

Is it possible to connect several Google Business Profiles in the same brand?

No. Each Metricool brand would represent a different location. This way, you can plan differentiated content from the planner and get independent performance reports. If you need to generate custom reports with information for all brands (or whatever you want) with the Looker Studio Connector (available in Advanced Plan) you can add multiple brands in a single report.

What are the main differences between a STARTER and ADVANCED plan?

The ADVANCED plan, in addition to allowing you to manage more brands, have these advantages over the STARTER plan:

It allows you to add collaborators, that is, you can give permissions to customers or other team members so that they have access to a specifc brand without having to see the data of other brands.

Access to Looker Studio to make more in-depth reports and to your liking. It also offers access to our API.

Create custom templates for your reports.
Integration with Zapier to automate processes.

Is Metricool free?

Yes! You can use Metricool for free without a time limit. With our Free plan, you can connect 1 brand associated to a profile for each social network, plan your content, publish content automatically, manage messages from your networks, and more.

We are proud partners of Google and Meta to keep bringing new features

You blink for a second and when you open your eyes Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, TikTok, Twitter, Google Business Profile, YouTube, Twitch, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Tiktok Ads…. are not what they used to be.

So keeping our eyes wide open and adapting to the changes is not optional, but a must.

You also need to be alert to act quickly when any unforeseen situation comes your way, right? No problem.

Manage your social media from any device, with the desktop version or the Metricool app.


Free forever. No trial period.