2024 Short-Form Video Study: Comparing Shorts, Instagram Reels, Facebook Reels and TikTok Videos

In the 2024 Short-Form Video study, we analyzed thousands of short-form videos to reveal answers that arise when brands, social media managers, and agencies prepare their content strategy for social media. 

  • Which short-form video content has the strongest influence on social media?
  • Does account size play a role in this influence? 
  • Which short-form video content obtains the highest engagement rate? 
  • What is the ideal posting frequency for short-form video content?
  • Have Shorts “outdone” long-form YouTube videos?
  • Instagram Reels or Facebook Reels?

These are the questions we asked when preparing the annual short-form video study. 

From here, the ball is in your court to download the complete Short-Form Video Study and compare it against your own data to develop your content strategy.

Download the full study HERE to access all the data.

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The report found a clear trend in short-form video content: TikTok is king. 

Even though this network is under national scrutiny, TikTok videos receive the highest average number of views, 18,173.32, followed closely by Instagram Reels, which obtained an average of 16,152.88 views. 

Facebook Reels, with an average of 8,553.37 views, and YouTube Shorts, 646.89, are the least influential short-form video content. 
While TikTok videos receive the highest average number of views, it must be noted that Shorts win in terms of engagement, reaching a ratio of 5.91. Although, the other formats don’t fall far behind. TikTok videos reach an engagement ratio of 5.75 and Instagram Reels with 5.53. Facebook Reels, on the other hand, lags with an engagement rate of just 2.07.

Another interesting insight from the study is that Huge accounts (those with more than 50,000 followers) are the ones that maintain the highest posting frequency, across all analyzed platforms. 

We could say that larger accounts don’t limit themselves to building a strong community and strive to maintain high engagement by publishing short-form video content almost daily.

Access all the 2024 Short-From Video Study data

Download the full report HERE.

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Short-Form Video Data

How did we gather the data for the 2024 Short-Form Video Study?

By analyzing accounts and videos from the platforms offering short-form video content: YouTube Shorts, TikTok, Instagram Reels, and Facebook Reels. 

Our sample analyzed 47,648 YouTube channels, 61,616 TikTok accounts, 232, 385 Instagram business accounts, and 143,143 Facebook pages. 

From these accounts, we extracted data from 305,341 Shorts, 747, 071 TikTok videos, 1,687,846 Instagram Reels, and 694,683 Facebook Reels.

Short-form videosAccounts

Now it’s your turn. Let us know in the comments what conclusions you have drawn, how you will apply this data to your content strategy, and your overall thoughts on the 2024 Short-Form Video Study. 

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