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The way we communicate and what we talk about changes and evolves each day, and in the digital sphere, it changes in leaps and bounds. What’s a trending topic one day, the next day nobody remembers and it’s replaced by another subject. 

Using influencers, celebrities and popular personalities for marketing purposes is not new. All of us want to be as successful and appealing as they are and this has a positive impact on the sales of the products that they advertise. In fact, several studies carried out by CPI Celebrity Performance, confirmed that:

Brands that use the image of well-known celebrities for their ad campaigns earn more credibility and sympathy with their audience. Ultimately, this translates into higher chances of sales. 


The use of Influencer marketing in your digital strategy activates the persuasion principle of “authority”. 


The principle of authority establishes that a user who receives a recommendation from an ‘influential’ person will be more predisposed to take an action or make a decision. 

However, the digital revolution, blogs and social networks have brought new faces to this scenario. Unknown people have started to win the sympathy of users to the point that they have the same impact as a Hollywood star. 

Brands realized this phenomenon and started collaborating with YouTubers and Instagramers: they would publish photos and videos of a product in exchange for the free product itself. Finally, this type of collaboration became more professional, high level influencers started to work with agents and requesting formal contracts for their collaborations and an economic remuneration in exchange. This type of collaboration started to be considered as another type of advertising. This is when the term Influencer Marketing started to be used.


What Marketing Influencer Is

Influencer Marketing relates to communication or marketing actions carried out by influencers.

But, what’s an influencer?

A person who has the ability to affect the behavior of followers on social networks, blogs or other digital media. 

The communication actions with these type of people, through their channels (such as social networks, blogs, etc.) are considered influencer marketing actions.

Influencer Marketing is an exchange between users with certain authority on digital media and a brand. The Influencer promotes a product, service or brand in exchange for a monetary or in-kind remuneration. 



Types of influencers

Influencers are classified into different categories based on the number of followers in their community and on their nature. There is much controversy about how many followers an influencer should have but iab in his white paper on influencers clears up doubts.

Let’s look at the differences.



 Nano influencers: People who have up to 10,000 followers on their social networks.

 Micro influencers: Influencers with a community ranging from 10,000 to 50,000 followers on Instagram or other social networks And on Youtube a range of 10,000 to 100,000.

 Mid-tier influencers: From 50,000 to 250,000 followers in networks and in Youtube 10,000 to 1,000,000 million.

 Macroinfluencers: From 250,000 to 1,000,000 million in Instagram and from 1M to 10M in Youtube.

 Top influencers: Top influencers are those who have a community of more than 1M followers in networks or more than 10M in Youtube.



 Natives: They are those influencers who have become famous through the social network they influence. They are Instagrammers or Youtubers by birth.

Like the Rubius who wasn’t known before his birth on Youtube.

 Non-native influencers are those whose fame comes from other non-social channels (television, music, sports, media, film, art etc…)


Collaborations with Influencers 

If you are considering the possibility of including influencer marketing in your digital strategy, keep in mind the following tips before getting in touch with any influencer. 

Make sure they ‘influence’ the right audience

To make sure that your actions get the expected results, you must search for the right collaborator. Influencer marketing doesn’t center around the influencer but around the audience that follows them. You must analyze whether  the followers of the person that you are planning to contact is part of your target audience or not.


Not everything is about Followers 

In the selection of an influencer, you must consider more things beyond the number of followers. First check the interaction and engagement that they generate. There has been some cases of influencers that bought their followers, especially on Instagram. Assess the comments and likes that their photos receive. In short, their engagement.

It could happen that a person with half as many followers as someone else has more engagement.

Establish a clear proposal

So, what’s your proposal? what are you planning to offer and what are you expecting to receive in exchange? You should have an answer to these questions before you ask for a collaboration. You must know what you offer:

  • Product
  • Remuneration
  • Media coverage

You should also know what you will ask influencers in exchange for your marketing strategy:

  • A blog article
  • A discount for their subscribers
  • Sharing on social media
  • Video reviews etc…

Writing a blog and generating content for social networks requires a lot of time and effort. Don’t undervalue their work and be sure to make them a fair offer in line with what you are asking them to do. Remember that if you can’t pay them fairly, you can’t expect too much.

Find the contact

Normally, their email address will be available on their blog, Instagram Bio, Twitter or in their Facebook Page info.  

When you send them an email, remember to explain who you are, what you need and what you can offer in exchange. You never know when you are going to need to contact them again.

Some of the advantages of introducing influencer marketing in your digital strategy is the diffusion and attention it brings, the reputation, as well as the increase in the number of followers on social media. If you make a good selection of influencers and propose an interesting and creative collaboration, the success is guaranteed. Are you ready to start your influencer marketing?

If you have any question about how to work with them or analyze their work, we will read your comments…

Analyze your influencer marketing collaboration

For a marketing strategy to be successful and effective it is important to collect all the important information and analyze the statistics throughout the process: before, during and after the partnerships; this way you will be sure and can guarantee that you have achieved the expected results. 

If you want to know which are the most important metrics to analyze in the world of influencer marketing I leave you an article explaining the main metrics to be taken into account…




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So much for influencers marketing and how to work with them or analyze their work. If you have doubts we read your comments below…

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