What a top influencer is

Isabel Romero
8 July, 2020

A top influencer is a user who has more than a million followers on social networks or more than 10 million subscribers on YouTube.

These are people considered very influential on social channels, such as opinion leaders.

There are two types of influencers: 


Those who have grown with their own brand and within the social network in which they are active.

These are: YouTubers, streamers, fashion influencers, singers, actors etc.

EXAMPLE: This is the case of “El Rubius” who was born on YouTube, so he can be considered native. Also, he is a top influencer with more than 38 million followers.


These users had already multiple followers and popular outside the social media. Now, through social platforms, they have increased their brand presence.

EXAMPLE: Justin Bieber has more than 54 million followers on his YouTube channel. He is a non-native top influencer since he gained his fame outside YouTube. First he triumphed as a singer and later he created his own channel.

Why work with top influencers?

According to data from Digital Marketing Institute study, el 70% of teenagers believe more in influencers than ‘classic’ celebrities. 

If your intention is to offer an agreement to these influencers, here are a series of pros and cons that you should take into account before starting.

Top influencers: pros and cons

Resorting to these types of influencers brings some advantages and disadvantages for your business.

Weigh the pros and cons and decide whether it will be profitable for your store or business to work with top influencers or not.

Pros of working with top influencers

  • They are professionals.

Being an influencer is not as simple as having a camera and tagging brands. Top influencers take care of their images, pay attention to every detail and above all, they are always professional about their work.

Keep in mind that if they are careful with everything around them before uploading content, this will be reflected in the quality of your product.

  • They make an immediate impact.

By having a large number of followers, more than a million (or more than 10 million on YouTube), the impact of an advertising action carried out with the influencer will be immediate. As if you were opening a bottle of Coca Cola after shaking it.

If you hit the nail on the head with your top influencer, related to the sector where you operate, the effect will be long-lasting: you will increase your community and increase product sales. 

Cons of working with top influencers

  • They have a broad audience.

The same advantage of having a large community can turn against you when it comes to carrying out an advertising action.

Having worked with various types of brands, their audience is diversified and your product may not reach a target audience. This will ruin all the effort and economic investment with the top influencer.

  • They have an elevated cost

According to WebFX, an influencer with over a million followers can charge close to $25,000 per post. 

This is a fairly high price that is not within the reach of all companies, if you think that your company may have an economic problem with this agreement, the ideal is to look at influencers with fewer followers and forget about top influencers.

  • They are selective

These types of influencers have already achieved a high status and can allow themselves to select which campaigns to work with. They may reject your collaboration if they do not see it as interesting for their profile.

In addition, they are often difficult to contact, especially if they work with agencies or representatives. 

These are the advantages and disadvantages of working with top influencers, remember to evaluate them well to know if collaborating with them will benefit your brand. 

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