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Sara Martín
8 June, 2020

YouTube is the main social network for videos and more and more people are using it and creating channels to get the most out of this platform. Now with Metricool you can analyze your YouTube Channel, the performance of your channel and optimize your strategy to maximize benefits.

I will tell you all about it…

Connect your YouTube channel

I will explain all the steps you need to follow in order to start seeing all the metrics related to your channel from Metricool. 

  1. Sign in your Metricool account. 
  2. Click on the top-right menu and tap Connections. 

  1. Once you are on the connection panel, you can check all the social profiles added to Metricool. Today you are going to connect your YouTube channel, so click connect under the YouTube icon.

Once you have clicked the button to connect, a new window will pop up requesting that you sign into your gmail account. Afterwards, a page with all the permissions will open.  

Once you accept all the permissions, your YouTube account will be connected to Metricool and you will have access to all your metrics. 

Which YouTube metrics can I analyze with Metricool

Analyze how your community is evolving: its growth, interesting demographics to optimize your strategy, videos you have posted…

To start analyzing your YouTube channel you have to select from which time period you want to get the metrics.

Choose it on the right side of the screen before seeing what metrics Metricool offers you.

If you do not select any period, the last 30 days will be analyzed by default.


Analyze how your community evolves: Check out the growth and insightful demographic data to help you optimize your strategy in contrast with the videos published in the time frame selected.


First thing you will see in the Evolution section is the growth of your community, that is, the evolution of the number of subscribers to your channel. Besides, you will find other valuable data such as how many views your videos has received, the revenue and the number of videos published in the time frame selected.

Balance of subscribers

Extract information about the balance of subscribers. Analyze the graph to discover when you gained or lost subscribers in relation to the videos published and across time. 

Audience Demographics

Plus, Metricool offers insightful demographics:

  • A graph with the gender of your subscribers
  • Bar graph with the age range of your subscribers
  • A graph with the country that your subscribers are from
  • Information about the traffic source

Metrics about your videos

When analyzing your YouTube channel it is very important to take into account the metrics of your videos and which ones have been the most successful in your strategy.

Here are the metrics and all the information you can see from Metricool.

Revenue in the period

The revenue table shows the economic revenue you have obtained from your videos and classified by total revenue, partner and ads.

As additional information you have the publication date, impressions and monetized playbacks.

Published videos

How have your videos performed? In this section you have access to all the metrics of the videos published in the selected period.

In the metrics you have the reproductions, likes, dislikes, comments and the number of videos.

Also a List of videos with more detailed information that you can sort as you like.

Viewed videos

Here you have information about the reproductions of the videos that have been viewed in the time you have selected to analyze, as well as the likes, dislikes and comments.

In this case, and unlike the previous section, it does not matter when you published the video. If it was played in the selected time period, it will count for this metric.

Competitor analysis

If you have a Premium account with Metricool you will be able to analyze up to 10 competitors too see their relevant metrics. 

➡️ You can organize the table by the metric that interests you the most

➡️ Download the table in a CSV file

➡️ Dive into the analysis of each competitor: more detailed metrics and videos.

Download reports about your performance on YouTube

With any of Metricool’s Premium plans you can download unlimited reports about the performance of your YouTube channel. 

Access the section Generate reports, configure the metrics and download it in PDF or PPT.

Analyze your Youtube channel metricool reports

Connect your YouTube channel to Metricool and start collecting metrics to thrive with your videos and optimize your strategy.

Do you want to learn more about what can you do with Metricool?

Sara Martín


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