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Manage YouTube and other social media

YouTube is a powerful channel for attracting new customers.

It’s the second-largest search engine in the world.

This means that there is yet another channel to add to your already busy social media plan. YouTube is a social network/search engine with its own rules, and you must dedicate TIME to it; a scarce, precious resource.

And as usual…

You probably want to get started on YouTube as fast as possible because…

  • It has proved successful for other businesses.
  • Your competitors are also there.
  • It attracts new leads, and converts paying customers.

And it might be all true, but:

So if you already use YouTube or plan to add it to your social strategy, you need a hub that allows you to:

Without time or a plan, including a YouTube channel in your strategy is like bringing a swimsuit to the North Pole.

  • Schedule months’ worth of content.

    Plan your Shorts or videos to post automatically.

  • Measure what’s happening on your channel, with intuitive graphs.

    Clear data with visual and understandable graphs.

  • Create reports in under 5 minutes.

    The results of your strategy in customized, branded reports to send to your coworker or client.

  • Manage several social media profiles simultaneously.

    Share your videos on multiple social networks from the same place.

Discover the operation hub that over 2 million professionals use for managing their YouTube channel and other social media profiles. 

Free forever. No trial period.

These people and brands, who are just like you, use Metricool daily to improve their visibility on YouTube and gain back time in their work day. 

What sticks out to these Metricoolers is:

  • The time they save by publishing the same content on multiple platforms simultaneously.

    From Shorts to TikToks and Reels. Do it all, in the same place. 

  • The source of inspiration comes from observing what the competition does on their channels.

    Seeing what others do, successes and mistakes, is gold for making better decisions or finding inspiration.

  • How easy it is to make better decisions when all the data is neatly organized. 

    Channel metrics, videos, and Shorts performance at a glance. All your videos, organized in an interactive chart that you can sort by any metric. Making the right choices is easier than ever. 

  • How quickly you can manage 1, 10 or even 100 channels from the same place and give access to other people. 

    Without switching YouTube accounts, you can access any channel with one click. And if you need to give access to other people, you can do that too!

The coolest connector for data lovers

To bring all the information to Looker Studio and cross-reference it with other data sources. Very simple, very useful, very Metricool.

Analyze, schedule and manage YouTube and other social networks from your PC or the mobile app.

The all-in-one YouTube tool that allows you to grow effortlessly, without limits. Schedule your videos and Shorts, analyze the data that matters, and create a solid strategy.

Free forever. No trial period.