How to create and schedule Twitter threads with Metricool

Carlos Bravo
1 March, 2022

Threads on Twitter are an excellent resource for creating content on the platform. You can’t schedule them from the Twitter app itself, but there is an alternative that you will love: schedule Twitter threads with Metricool.

How can I do it? Sit down. We’ll tell you everything about it.

Schedule threads on Twitter with Metricool

If you usually resort to threads to upload longer content to Twitter, programming them will give you a breath of fresh air.

You will save a lot of work time: you can schedule whenever is best for you, and Metricool will be in charge of automatically publishing the content on Twitter. 

We explain step by step how to program threads on Twitter with Metricool:

If you do not have a Metricool account yet, first, you need to register. Don’t worry. You’ll be inside in a minute!

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1 Open Metricool Planner

2 Create New Post

Click on ‘Create New Post’ or tap directly on the time slot you want to share your content in the calendar. 

Remember that Metricool shows the best hours to post on Twitter when your community is active.

3 Only select Twitter icon

The thread scheduler is only available for Twitter. To use this feature, you must only select the Twitter icon. 

4 Write the first tweet and click on ‘+ Create Thread’

You can find the ‘Create Thread’ button below the Twitter icon. It only displays if you have only selected this social network.

5 Complete each of the tweets you want to add to the thread

When you have the first tweet created and click on Create thread, Metricool adds a box named Tweet 2.

To add one more tweet, you have to click on the ‘+’ icon at the end of the last tweet. Tweet 3 will appear, then Tweet 4 and so on up to 80, which is the maximum number of tweets that can be programmed in the thread with Metricool.

If you need to, you can change the order of the posts by dragging and dropping the tweet box to the new position. You also can delete each tweet by clicking on the ‘x’ next to the tweet number.

schedule threads on Twitter

6 Customize your thread

Like with any other scheduled tweet from Metricool, you can add text, gifs, images or videos, mentions, and tag other users as long as you include at least one photo and the user has not blocked tweet tagging.

Finally, choose the date and time that the Twitter thread will be published.

7 Click save

Before clicking Save, we recommend that you look at the preview.

Here Metricool shows you what the tweet thread would look like with the added content. It is the perfect way to give it the last look and make all the necessary changes.

It’s that easy!

You already know how to schedule threads on Twitter with Metricool. Sign up for free, try the thread planning feature and start creating content.

Do you want to know all the features of Metricool? Take a look at this post. 👇🏻

Carlos Bravo


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