Guide to Schedule Facebook Stories 

02 November 2023

Did you know that you can schedule Facebook Stories

Metricool allows the option to schedule both Instagram and Facebook stories, to help you speed up your social media planning process while the tool auto-publishes the content for you. 

But, how can you schedule Facebook stories, and what are the requirements to do this? Let’s find out. 

How to Schedule Facebook Stories 

In order to schedule Facebook stories, you need to have a Metricool account. We have a completely free account that you can sign up for in less than five minutes: 

Once you have created your Metricool account, you then have to connect your Facebook account. To do this, click on the three-line icon in the top right corner > Connections > Facebook. Then, you need to accept the permissions, and your Facebook account will be connected. 

Now you’re ready to schedule your stories on Facebook. Let’s see how to do it: 

  • Head to the “Planner” by pressing the button at the top menu. 
  • Click on “Create New Post” or click anywhere on the calendar at the time you want to post, to open the scheduler. 
  • Highlight the Facebook icon in the new window. 
  • In the drop-down menu next to the Facebook icon, select “Stories”
  • Upload your image(s) or video(s) and customize the content using the editor. 
  • Click “Save”.

Metricool will automatically publish the Story to your Facebook account at the time and day selected. 

⚠️Remember that with Metricool’s feed preview option, you can see what the Story will look like on your feed before posting. 

⚠️If you want to story to be published on Instagram as well, don’t forget to highlight both social networks and select “Story” when scheduling. 

Requirements for scheduling stories 

Just as in any social media platform that you schedule and post content on, Facebook stories have their own requirements and formatting. 

It’s important to keep this in mind so you can schedule your content correctly:


  • Supported formats include JPEG, BMP, PNG, GIF, and TIFF. Files can have a maximum of 4MB, although, in the case of PNGs, it’s recommended to not exceed 1MB. 


  • The recommended format is MP4, with an aspect ratio of 9:16. 
  • The recommended resolution is 1080 x 1920 pixels, however the minimum is 540 x 960 px. 
  • Videos can last up to 60 seconds. 

Why Should You Schedule Facebook Stories? 

Let’s be real, scheduling social media content allows you to step away from the networks and focus on your other day-to-day tasks. 

But, what does it really do for you?

  • Save time: Schedule the content, let the tool auto-publish the content for you, and never manually post content again. 
  • Don’t stress: Never worry about missing to post, because you already have all your content scheduled! 
  • Get ahead: Planning your content allows you to stay ahead of the game, so you can continue to improve your strategies and move forward. 
  • Reduce mistakes: Review your work, preview it in the feed, and save it as a draft, so you can avoid mistakes, or losing your content! 

Remember that with Metricool you can analyze, schedule, and manage all your social media accounts in the same place. 

Now it’s your turn to work on your Facebook stories strategy, and start scheduling your content! Don’t have a Facebook strategy? Build one from scratch with this guide below:

If you have any questions or concerns, let us know in the comments! 

Anniston Ward Anniston Ward , 02 November 2023

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