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06 December 2023

Every month, social media managers, account executives, agencies, etc. are asked to create monthly (some weekly) social media reports. If you brand is active on Facebook, it’s important to keep track of your account and content data. Facebook analytics reports will show you the necessary data to see what is working well, and what can be improved.

However, in order to have a thorough report, there needs to be intensive data collection. This can be extremely time consuming if you are conducting social media reports manually. But don’t worry, because with Metricool you can create, customize, download, and automate social media reports.

So, do you want to see how to create a Facebook analytics report with Metricool?

What is Included in a Facebook Analytics Report?

Social media reports are a powerful resource that help brands and businesses evaluate how their digital marketing strategies are working. On Facebook specifically, this can mean a few different things. For one, if your brand runs Facebook ads, you will want to see your campaign clicks, impressions, CPM, and CPC.

You also can view how your account is growing in terms of following, content reach, engagement rates, shares, and your top-performing posts. Here are all of the analytics included in Facebook social media reports with Metricool:

⭐️ Community Growth

You can track the success of your Facebook company page by seeing your follower balance, and how many posts you’ve published in the period including overall impressions, reactions, and clicks.

Next you will see information about your audience demographics such as gender, age, and the top countries and cities of where your traffic is coming from.

⭐️ Page interactions and impressions

How your audience has engaged with your to your content is key to knowing if the strategy you are following is the right one or, on the contrary, if you should make some adjustments.

Find the following information in the Facebook analytics report:

✅ Total page impressions.

✅ Clicks on the page, including calls to action and website clicks.

✅ Data of the published posts in the period: engagement, interactions, average reach per post, and the number of posts published. 

✅ Interactions: reactions, comments, shares, and clicks.

⭐️ Ranking of Posts

Here you can see reactions, comments, shares, clicks, link clicks, reach, views and engagement rate. There

In addition, when you download the PDF, a link will take you directly to the published post.

⭐️ Competitors

The list of competitors allows you to obtain valuable insights into how your competitors perform. You will see the number of page likes, posts published, reactions, comments, shares, and engagement.

Data to analyze your competition and see how their content in working on Facebook.

⭐️ Facebook Reels

In the same structure of the post analytics in the report, the same data is gathered for the published Facebook Reels. See Reels engagement, interactions, average reach per reel, and Reels published in the period.

Also see interactions, and rankings of Reels including the same data as post rankings with the addition of average time watched and total time watched.

⭐️ Facebook Ads campaigns

This section will show graphs with the evolution of your campaign impressions, campaign clicks, CPM, CPC, money spent, and campaign rankings.

How to Create a Social Media Report for Facebook

Let’s dive into what creating a social media report for Facebook looks like. To create a report with Metricool, you first need to create an account. Social media reports are a Premium feature, but we also have a completely free plan in Metricool. So, you can see how these reports work today and then decide how you want to work with Metricool.

If you don’t have a Metricool account yet 👇🏻

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Follow the steps on how to create your personalized Facebook reports in one click:

1 Enter your Metricool dashboard and click on Analytics

2 In the left column, scroll down all the way down until you see Reports.

3 Before downloading the reports, you can personalize your report. 

What can you customize in the report?

⚡️ Select the period you want to include: the previous month is selected by default. 

⚡️ Customize your report with templates where you can choose the colors, themes, and how you want to organize the data.

⚡️ Choose which social networks will be in your report or how the tables will be sorted by (engagement, reach, reactions,…). Plus, include the maximum number of rows on each table. 

⚡️ Personalize the report with your company’s logo or your client’s.

⚡️ Remember that you can enable the option to receive the report to your email or your client’s with a personalized message at the beginning of each month.

4 Choose the format for your report: PDF or PPT. It will take a few seconds to download.

5 The report is ready!

Automate Facebook social media reports

Do you want to automate your social media reports each month? Easy. Just select which day you want your report to be ready each month, the email address where you want it to be delivered, and any note that you want to add.

Social Media Report Examples for Facebook

Here are a few examples of a Facebook analytics report pages from Metricool. For example, this page shows the community growth over the time period including follower balance and how many posts and Reels were published.

As you can see in this next page, our top performing reel in this period was a video introducing our 2023 Instagram Study, while our second top performing reel is a video of the day in the life of a social media manager.

This next image shows a social media report page with the results from Facebook Ads campaigns. As you can see, the overall impressions, reach, and money spent for the campaigns conducted in this period. Also, you can see the growth in the percentages for the period.

Creating Facebook analytics reports is easy with Metricool, and can be done in one click. They are designed to be customizable, and adaptable to your brand or your clients. If you are looking for more ways to improve your digital marketing efforts on Facebook, made sure to check out this guide below:

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