How to Analyze your Facebook Competitors

07 September 2023

It’s important to know what your company’s Facebook competitors are doing so you can keep growing your personal or business brand. If you keep an eye on your competitors on Facebook, it can help you get ahead.

In this post, we tell you how to monitor your competitors so you can use the information in your favor.

Facebook Competitors with Metricool

Maybe you’re thinking of a fully manual analysis. Sifting through page by page and post by post to check performance.

Exhausting just imagining it, isn’t it? Never fear. Today I have a way for you to know how it’s going for your competition on Facebook with just one click. 

Yep, you guessed it, with Metricool

How? The first thing you need is a Metricool account, which you can set up here. 

Ready? Keep reading!

  • Now connect your Facebook fan page to Metricool in the Connections dashboard (in the drop-down menu at the top right) > Connect Facebook page > Access permissions.

Everything under control. Quick and easy, right? Then let’s keep going!

  • In the Analytics menu, go to the left column > Facebook and then Competitors. 
  • Metricool will take you to the Competitors section and then just click on Add.
  • Find the page of the company you want to add as a Competitor.
  • Done! Now you have all the information you need about your competition.

Facebook competitor analysis with Metricool

What information about your competitors on Facebook can you get on Metricool?

Once you add a company page to your list of competitors, you’ll get these metrics so you can analyze the fan page of each of your ‘rivals’.

✅ Total ‘Likes’ on your competitor’s business page.

Number of posts shared on their wall over the selected time period.

Interactions with the content in reactions, comments, and shares. These metrics are shown as an average for the posts in the period analyzed. 

Engagement rate. This figure is calculated based on the average interactions divided by the total number of followers and multiplied by 1,000.

✅ In ‘Posts’, you can see each of your competitor’s posts with the date posted, reactions, comments, shares and engagement.

✅ Click on ‘Compare‘ to analyze two or more competitors against each other at the same time to see at a glance the accounts content performance.

 Use the metrics columns to organize the info on your competitors’ fan pages however you want: by likes, posts, reactions, etc.

facebook competitors with metricool

Download Reports on Your Competitors’ Performance

It’s quite an advantage having all the info about your competitors’ performance at a glance. 

But what happens when you need to show it to a client or add it to your media kit to work with agencies? Something missing, isn’t it?

That something that saves you time and gives you a great presentation is the Metricool reports:

❇️ They include all the information on your competition from your Metricool dashboard but in PDF or PPT, plus your performance for the same month. 

❇️ Another option is to download the Facebook competitor analysis document as a CSV file so you can have it handy even without being online. It isn’t as pretty as it would be in a Metricool report, though. 

Having a list of your Facebook competitors with all the information on their performance will help you plan your own business strategy.

All ready for Metricool to become your social media Swiss Army knife!

Metricool Mega Tutorial

Carlos Bravo Carlos Bravo , 07 September 2023

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