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  • Metricool is the way to schedule, automate and maximize your social media post (even when you are sleep)

    I have been a social media manager for 5 years now, and we have worked with as many as 36 clients all with a very lean team.We have literally tried every single software, tool, tip, and trick on the market. With so many posts and platforms, I have to make sure that every single thing that we do in our business is maximized for efficiency. My goal is to make it as easy as possible for my team and I to get the job done well.I discovered Metricool, a tool and process that is literally changing the game for social media managers and business owners.

    Rachel Pedersen

  • Metricool Helps You Manage a Comprehensive Social Media Program – and More!

    Metricool has built a robust platform which is a web and social media analytics tool at its heart but has branched out into encompassing many functionalities that marketers will find convenient to manage in one place.

    Neil Schaffer


    Metricool is a platform that can help you analyze, manage, and grow your digital presence with a unique set of tools and features. It can help you unify all of your social media and web analytics, plan your social media content, and manage your ad campaigns.
    Overall, it is an easy-to-use and effective social media analytics and planning tool.

    Shane Barker


    That’s the word to describe this software. I’ve been on the Social Media for a while now and I’ve got 1.5 million followers. I have been using Hootsuite, Buffer and others and all of them are way to expensive.
    I also have a marketing agency and automatically offer this to my clients as a free update of my service and they LOVE it. It’s really worth the money.
    Buy this, you wont regret nothing. And they offer amazing support. I asked them three things and always answered right after.

    Alejandro Ordoñez

Vídeo reviews

And, they love the Metricool app.

To work from anywhere. To make any needed last-minute changes. You’ll never walk alone.

  • What a great App. Everything is works perfectly and the customer support is amazing. A few of the features that I love are the Autolists, the best time to post analytic and, also, it’s really easy to posts with the scheduler. I totally recommend this app, I love using it every day.

    Tassos Nikoleris

  • The Metricool system is excellent. The Autolist feature in the planner is a handy addition. To have all my accounts in one place is fantastic, Facebook & Adwords adverts all in one place, I love it!

    Ray Smith

  • Metricool is an awesome app for analyzing the data of all my social media, plan my posts and know all metrics from my social media. It is improving more and more with the new updates!

    Gianfri Bulgarelli

  • I love Metricool. This is a fantastic app! I have used different scheduling apps and this is my favorite. My Instagram looks to much better with my custom bio link. I can also check my analytics and, by the way, you can even study your competition. I highly recommend it.

    Lourdes García