Facebook Stories for your content strategy

Carlos Bravo
4 May, 2022

Facebook Stories are great content for being spontaneous on your Facebook company page.

Why? Easy. Just click on Add to your story and your phone camera screen will automatically pop up. The moment comes to you and you share it with your followers.

You’ll find the Stories on your home tab above your wall or in the profile pic for your company, just like on Instagram.

Another option is to watch them in Facebook Messenger: if a user adds a story, you can watch it by clicking on their profile pic in the chat.

How to add Facebook stories

Now, if you want to add a story on Facebook, keep reading and we’ll explain it step by step.

Remember, as always, make sure you’re on the page you want to post the story from.

  • Go into the company profile you want to add the story to and click on the profile pic.
  • Then tap ‘Add to your story’.
  • First important decision: What are you going to create? A story with text, a selfie, or boomerang? A photo/video from your gallery or take a new one now?
  • For this step, we will use the camera option to add spontaneous content.
  • When you go for this option, you can choose a normal photo, video, boomerang, superzoom, or layout design.
  • Take the content you want and get editing!
  • Personalize your content with stickers, text (for example, subtitles), music, special effects, or tag people.
  • Finally, click Share to Story and you’re done. Your Story has been added.

Now you have this little manual for adding to your Stories. Keep it handy so you can look back on it whenever you need to.

Characteristics of a Facebook Story

Before you go running to share content in the Facebook Stories section, consider these aspects.

That way you’ll avoid missing out on some details.


How long do Facebook stories last? How long can I interact with them or the users with the content I share? Relax, here’s everything you need to know.

They are temporary and last the same as on Instagram: 24 hours. After that, they disappear. Unlike on Instagram though, Facebook doesn’t have highlighted stories so you can’t save them.

Stories with pictures can last up to 5 seconds, while videos can run up to 20 seconds. Live Stories are only visible for as long as you’re broadcasting. 

Interacting with Facebook Stories

Can users interact with my content? Are the comments and reactions to my Story visible?

Users can respond in the comments, which can include a GIF, or with certain emojis (like hearts, etc.).

Like on Instagram, other users can’t see these interactions. Only the person or fan page that posts the story can see these reactions or messages.

Stories privacy

Can all Facebook users see the Stories I put on my page or fan page? How can I “block” other users from seeing them?

Truth is, privacy for this type of content works just like normal Facebook posts. You can choose who gets to see it. 

In Stories, you must choose your audience in the final step before adding the content, using the privacy button at the bottom left. You can hide your story from a user or see which ones you’ve muted.

Enough information? Now you’re all ready to start sharing Facebook Stories. Remember, when you post a story on Instagram you can automatically share it on Facebook, so you have content on both platforms.

Already have a Facebook content strategy? 

Carlos Bravo


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