How to open a Facebook account


You have finally surrendered to the power of peer pressure and have decided to open an account on Facebook, one of the most popular social networks worldwide for keeping in touch with old and new friends.

This is Facebook’s most recognizable side.

However, Facebook is also meant for businesses, project sales, personal brands or online stores.

This is Facebook too.

Follow the steps to learn how to open a Facebook account. You will fully understand the process and learn how to accept just the necessary conditions, so you don’t have to sell your soul to Facebook.

You are about to create your personal or business profile on Facebook.

Show yourself to the world and shine.


How to create a personal Facebook account 


As we just mentioned, there are two types of profiles that you can create on Facebook. First, let’s focus on all you need to know in order to create a personal profile.


Your personal Facebook profile

A personal profile is the most common type of Facebook account and perfect for your free time and leisure. It’s great for sharing your interests, some personal data like where you work or studied and, an easy way to keep in touch with friends and family, even those that you thought you wouldn’t hear from again.


Creating this type of account is very straightforward. Very similar to any registration you might have to do on the Internet.

This is the information you need to provide in order to open a personal Facebook profile:

➡ Name and last name

➡ Phone number or email

➡ Password

➡ Date of birth and gender


Once all the data has been completed, simply click on the magic button that will change your online social life forever: Create an account

Don’t forget to check your email account!

You will receive an email from Facebook requesting to confirm your account through a link.

Confirm and you are in!

How to configure your personal Facebook profile or account 

Now that you already have your place on Facebook, it’s time to add a touch of color to your profile, in other words, avoid looking like a bot…

With this in mind, you should follow these steps to start using your account on Facebook:


  1. Choose a profile picture for Facebook. Add a profile photo so everybody can recognize you and reach more people.


  1. Search for friends. Work colleagues, ex-classmates, etc. All of them have a place.


  1. Make your profile private. You must decide who will have access to your profile and who will not. Facebook will control and have access to all your data as soon as you create an account. However, you can put some limitations. We recommend you that you establish those limits from the beginning, otherwise you will end up forgetting it and your account will be open to everybody.

Go to your Privacy Setting and Tools. In this screen you will be able to change the following information:


  1. Find friends via email. Find out who has a profile on Facebook by entering their email’s addresses.


So now, you have your Facebook account to interact with friends and acquaintances, receive notifications from groups and events you like and be up-to-date.


Create your business account or Facebook page


You can also create a Facebook business account besides a personal profile. In other words, professional accounts for your business, personal brand, store or even for a public figure.

To start, you must choose between two alternatives:

👉🏻 Business or brand. It’s a way to improve the reach of your online store or company and approach more customers.

👉🏻 Community or public figure. Create your own Facebook community and share your interests. It’s perfect if your objective is to generate content about music, your favorite show or the sport you practice.




Once you have completed this first step, the process is very similar to personal Facebook accounts. The difference is that you must be careful in choosing the right name so your potential customers can easily find your brand or business.

Then, it’s time to shape your profile: Choose your profile and cover photo, add information about your page and products if it’s an online store, etc.

How to start a session on Facebook 


So, everything has been set up, that is, your profile and cover photo, your friend list, etc. Then you logged out….

But, how do you log in again and start a session?

Start a Facebook session from your browser


Step 1:

Go to, enter the email address used to create your account and your password.

Click enter and you can start enjoying it!


Step 2:

Once you are on your profile and checking your wall. Do you want to go to your Facebook page? You can find access either by going to the left side menu on the home page or by clicking the tab on the top right side.




Start a Facebook session from the app  

You can download and install Facebook’s app from both iOS and Android devices and start using it.

It’s as simple as starting a session with the same username and password that you use to connect on your computer. If you leave your session open from your app, you will be able to enter as many times as you want without having to log in each time.

So, everything is under control?

Now that you know how to create your Facebook profile, it’s time to sacarlo a pasear, post and interact.

Easy right?

Do you have any doubts?


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