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10 August 2023

The TikTok Ad Library, allows you to see the most successful ads on the platform under ‘Top Ads.’ It shows you the top 5 ads that are performing best and gives you all kinds of information such as region, campaign objection, industry, likes, comments, and shares. 

The Ad Library also gives you the opportunity to search for ads as well. You can search ads including all kinds of data. You can explore the ad target country, ad type, published date, and advertiser name or keyword. 

TikTok Ad Transparency 

TikTok Ad Library has upped its game recently with its Ad Transparency Library. This new feature offers users much more information about existing ads in hopes of helping them create the best ads possible for their brands. 

This new transparency offers a high level of openness about paid advertisements so that when users choose to fund their ads, they have real-time data to assist them, such as their target audience size, gender, age, and even additional information like audience interests, ad duration, and even the organizations that paid for the ad.

TikTok Ad Library Features 

TikTok’s Ad Library offers all kinds of features. All of these features make it a piece of cake for users to dabble in some TikTok Ads. Let’s explore those features, shall we? 

  • Searchable Ad Campaigns– as stated above, search ads based on region, type, dates, names, and keywords
  • Detailed Ad Information– detailed ad summary including running duration, demographic information, funders, which countries it was running in, and additional info such as an audience’s interests, video interactions, and creator interactions
  • Influencer Marketing Content– ads will be labeled as either ‘Paid Partnership’ or ‘Promotional’ 
  • Ad Performance Metrics-days unique ads were published, impressions, and which countries the ad was most seen in.
  • Inclusion of All Ads- If the ad received at least 1 impression it will be included in the Ad Library
  • No Political Ads- The Ad Library does not include any political ads in the library tp prevent controversy
  • Advertisement Information- On the ‘Ad Summary’ page you will find extensive info on the ad. 

How to Use TikTok Ad Transparency Library?

Know that you know about all the features that are offered, let’s dive into how to effectively use them! To access the TikTok Ad Transparency Library, you will need a Business Account on TikTok, then go to TikTok.com on a computer or tablet. 

  1. Head to the TikTok Ad Library 
  2. Enter all your preferred information
  3. Click on your chosen ad
  4. Analyze all the info 

TikTok Transparacy Ad Library will be a huge step for openness in the TikTok world and will help users create effective ads that work well for your specific brand. If you would like to dive deeper into the TikTok world and want to define and improve your strategy, be sure to click the button below: 

sophie sophie , 10 August 2023

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